Stealth and destruction: How to stop 2 extreme ATM threats

One is silent and unseen, the other is pure shock and awe. Deep insert skimming and explosive attacks are both potentially devastating to an ATM operator's business — and both are migrating around the world faster than you might think.

Weighing the pros and cons of bank app-based mobile payments

There are plenty of upsides and downsides facing a financial institution with plans to forge its own way in mobile payments. Industry executives at last month's Bank Customer Experience Summit in Chicago agreed that FIs should be aware of, and explore, all developments in the industry.

Not just a problem 'over there': The migrating threats of ATM explosive and deep insert skimming attacks

Deep insert skimming, which first took hold in Europe, is now spreading like wildfire in the US. And explosive attacks, once viewed as 'not our problem,' have been carried out against four California ATMs in the past 6 months. What's up with that? Find out — and learn how to protect your own fleet — in a free webinar.

Branch Transformation by design, part 2: The cautionary tale of Kodak

How does a company's greatest strength become its biggest liability? Bankers at last month's Bank Customer Experience Summit found out — and got pointers that might help them avoid making the same mistakes as they seek to transform their branch networks and business models for a new kind of customer.

ATM Marketplace: September Top 5

Summer's over. Time to sharpen up the pencils and buckle down to the business of, well, business. You can start by reading up on ATM Marketplace features you might've missed last month.

How much cash do I have on me?

The paradox is that the more we shift to digital forms of payments — from debit and credit cards to P2P payments — the more we feel at ease with cash. Cash helps us control our budgets and simplify our transactions. If we have the cash, we make the purchase. And in our highly complex lives, it is this simplicity that resonates with us all.

Branch transformation by design, part 1: 'Why?' 'How?' 'Who?'

Three presentations at the BCX Summit offered distinctly different perspectives on branch transformation. Our three-part series will share insights from each, beginning with Flushing Bank, where branch transformation netted a 28 percent reduction in FTEs (without layoffs) and a 20 percent reduction in operating costs.

Why FIs need to offer their own mobile wallet

Most consumers want one payment app on their phone, and most would prefer it to be their bank's. But with Apple, Android and Samsung getting the jump on mobile wallets, FIs must act quickly to capture their share of consumers making the choice to go mobile.

5 ways FIs can create 'remarkable experiences'

At the Bank Customer Experience Summit this week in Chicago, retail authority Doug Stephens highlighted shifts in demographics, technology and media that are completely transforming the consumer landscape — and the very essence of retail banking.

7 FIs, fintech providers recognized as Best in Bank Customer Experience for 2017

Networld Media Group honored seven innovators in banking and mobile technologies at a dinner and awards gala Sept. 19 in conjunction with the Bank Customer Experience Summit.

Best steps for balancing ATM availability and expense

It's not always easy to balance ATM cost efficiency with escalating customer expectations, but it can be done. And a free, one-hour webinar on Sept. 26 will offer tips and insights that can help you provide world-class ATM service without breaking the bank.

4 sensible strategies for crowdsourcing fraud management

By enlisting bankcard holders in the fight against fraud — effectively crowdsourcing fraud management — card issuers can achieve an added layer of security at a very low cost, while cultivating a more loyal and trusting customer base.

The ATM at 100, a forecast for 2017–2067: Part 2

In part two of this series, ATMIA CEO Mike Lee envisions the next 50 years in the life of the cash machine — including an ATM intelligently connected to the home, the bank, digital channels, satellites, sensors and, above all, the customers it will have served for 100 years.

The ATM at 100, a forecast for 2017–2067: Part 1

ATMIA CEO Mike Lee takes a journey into the future to find out how the machine that began life 50 years ago as a friendly 'robot in the wall' will change over the next 50 years.

3 tenets of ATM availability in the connected economy

In today's connected economy, consumers are in the driver's seat. Whether it's banking, shopping, eating or traveling, they want to interact across channels on their own terms. And they don't like roadblocks.

ATM Marketplace: August Top 5

Often called the 'dog days of summer,' the month of August can be a sleepy time of year. But it did offer a few eye-openers at ATM Marketplace, including the launch of the 2017 ATM and Self-service Software Trends report and Cardtronics Q2 earnings.

Hand-in-hand: How to bring security and simplicity together in mobile banking

Unfortunately, the mobile banking channel comes with increased vulnerability. Also unfortunately, many financial institutions make the mistake of separating fraud prevention from customer experience when the two should go hand-in-hand.

5 ways to build loyalty with digitally demanding consumers

With new fintech companies providing sharp competition, it is more crucial now than ever that retail financial institutions gain a better understanding of their customers' needs so that they can meet — and exceed — those needs and thus gain their customers' loyalty.

Why 24/7 self-service availability is vital in the mobile era

The groundbreaking models of Amazon and iTunes have ushered in a new era of consumer demand for services that are delivered quickly, easily and 24/7. Financial institutions need to be ready to meet this level of expectation in the self-service channel.

First look: 2017 ATM and Self-service Software Trends

Which ATM and self-service functionalities will give your FI the sharpest competitive edge? Find out in a free one-hour webinar on Aug. 22, as KAL and ATM Marketplace break down the data from the 2017 ATM and Self-service Software Trends study.

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