2016 ATM and Self-Service Software Trends

ATMs will play an increasingly critical role in retail banking for the foreseeable future, as the result of the growing preference among consumers for self-service solutions. ATM Marketplace has compiled a map of the future covering the critical concerns of financial institutions.

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EMV at the ATM: What you need to know

As every U.S. ATM operator should know by now, the deadlines for migrating to EMV are fast approaching.

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2015 ATM and Self-Service Software Trends

In its eighth installment, the "ATM and Self-Service Software Trends 2015" guide moves in an exciting new direction by focusing keenly on the survey responses from industry insiders to provide financial institutions with a comprehensive industry forecast.

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Big news: The top 10 ATM Marketplace features of 2016

From card-free access to cash recycling, here's a look back at the features that captured the greatest interest from ATM Marketplace readers in 2016.

Decoding ATM transaction messages for EMV analytics

You might have reached "all ATM terminals go" EMV nirvana, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you're out of the chargeback zone — yet.

Understanding the 'uberbanked' consumer at your ATM

Participants in a webinar this week got acquainted with a new breed of financial services consumer who is shaking up the banking industry.

Keeping customers, one transaction at a time

In a free webinar, Fiserv and Inetco will share real-world examples demonstrating how financial institutions can use transaction data to enhance the customer experience.

The ATM Marketplace August Top 5

For the ATM industry, the only thing hotter than the weather in August was news about the finalized business combination between Wincor Nixdorf and Diebold — and its subsequent complications.

Ripper ATM malware and the 12M baht jackpot

Cybersecurity company FireEye dissects Ripper, a potentially new ATM malware variant used last weekend by thieves who stole nearly $350,000 from ATMs in Thailand.

Webinar unveils annual trends report for ATM and self-service software

During the event, KAL and ATM Marketplace surfed highlights of the 2016 ATM and Self-service Software Trends Guide, including new trends — and trends that won't end.

Upcoming report, webinar to examine ATM software trends

Tuesday, Aug. 2, a free webinar by ATM Marketplace and KAL will introduce findings from the upcoming report, 'ATM and Financial Self-service Software Trends 2016,' which will be released later that day.

Life without limits? Say it isn't so!

We all recognize the principle — or at least understand it, even if we don't believe it applies to us — that if it seems too good to be true, it very likely is.

The 7 sins of ATM cash management

... and how a 6-step, rules-based approach to ATM cash management can help you conquer them.

Can multivendor ATM software cut it in an omnichannel banking world?

Omnichannel and multivendor are two bespoke concepts: You can have one without the other. But, some argue, in an evolving digital world, you need both if you want to make unfettered decisions and meet consumer expectations.

Left to their own devices: The BYOD hazards of digital banking services

A growing catalog of digital financial services delivers the awesomeness of instant access to information — and creates unprecedented opportunities for crooks to steal personal data files and funds.

6 reasons to outsource IT and ATM services

As FIs adapt their physical and digital branch touch points to meet customer needs, they still have to manage operational efficiency and IT infrastructure.

ATM security: What can we learn from a hacked iPhone?

The ATM industry needs reliable security solutions to address increasing threats — without speculation as to whether there are or should be security backdoors.

Navigating branch transformation: 3 secrets to success

A webinar on Tuesday, April 19, will look at tactics that can help FIs make their way through a maze of challenges and achieve amazing branch transformation results.

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