The global threat of skimming & today’s best counter-measures.

ACG is proud to offer the premier anti-skimming solution available in the market today. ECS4-in-1 is an award-winning anti-skimming device and the ONLY stand-alone solution with Photo-Sensing Detection Technology.

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ATM Maintenance Services

Preventative Maintenance helps your bottom line & protects your Brand Image. We have solutions for all of your ATM service needs!

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ACG Branch Equipment

ACG offers a wide range of affordable physical & electronic security solutions to reduce risk and improve security in your branch.

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Is your ATM security what it should be?

ATM attacks not only pose a clear financial risk, but also present a serious threat to your brand and reputation. Are you doing everything you can to protect your organization and its customers?

ATM Marketplace: February top 5

Top reads for the month included Q1 and full-year earnings reports by major industry players, coverage of rising trends in cardless ATM transactions and a fraud commentary excerpted from the 2017 ATM Future Trends report.

ATM fraud by the numbers

In an excerpted commentary from the forthcoming 2017 ATM Future Trends report, Shirley Inscoe, senior analyst at Aite Group, shares results from the firm's recent ATM fraud study. The study investigates trends and offers recommendations for remediation measures.

No rocket science required: 3 ways ATM deployers can defeat Ploutus-D malware

Any one of three commonsense safeguards can immunize an ATM against Ploutus-D. And one more precautionary measure can make it far more difficult for criminals to program ATM malware in the first place.

ATM security starts at the top

Successful planning and policy-making for ATM security starts at C-level, not sea level. Why? Because buy-in rarely builds from the bottom up, and word about serious threats almost never reaches the upper echelons until there's a Really. Big. Problem.

ATM fraud in the age of EMV

While credit unions, banks and other ATM owners and operators continue to migrate their machines to EMV technology, the question remains: Will EMV ultimately solve the serious problem of fraud?

ATM fraud: The evolution of an epidemic

From brute force to hi-tech hacking, how did this phenomenon evolve and, more importantly, what can we do to stop criminals from cashing in at everyone else's expense?

Why we'll never stamp out spear phishing

When subjects in a spear phishing study received a link to New Year's party pictures — and instructions not to share them — nearly half clicked through even though they didn't know the sender.

ATM Marketplace: The October top 5

Scary items — EMV and ATM skimming — bookend our list of most-read stories for the month. Catch up here on any you might have missed before we get to that really scary item ... the general election.

'Who's gonna miss a donut?': Is it fair game to try to beat the (automated) system?

If, as one criminologist suspects, one-third of us are willing to fudge a little at the grocer's self-service checkout, maybe somebody needs to rethink a few of our processes.

Decoding ATM transaction messages for EMV analytics

You might have reached "all ATM terminals go" EMV nirvana, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you're out of the chargeback zone — yet.

It's time to redesign card technology for ATMs

The ATM industry could benefit greatly from the banks' drive to implement new, consumer-driven contactless and smartphone-based technologies.

Could biometrics be the key to better customer relationships?

There are far more effective solutions than a 50-year-old, four-digit PIN for protecting ATM cardholder accounts; and they can be effective at improving the user experience, as well.

'The biggest skimming threat facing the global ATM industry'

TMD Security presents a comprehensive look at criminals' growing use of deep insert skimming — and the one defense proven to stop them.

What every deployer needs to know about deep insert ATM skimming

In a Thursday webinar, security specialists will share updated information about this undetectable skimming technique — and discuss how deployers can guard against it.

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