Diebold gets a win — though not quite a victory — in its ATM patent battle

Diebold Nixdorf got the ruling they sought against Hyosung in their petition to the ITC, but it won't stop the import to the US of a single Hyosung ATM or affect the operation and servicing of machines already installed.


Potential and pitfalls for FIs in the Internet of Things

At the Interactive Customer Experience Summit in Dallas, banking and restaurant execs discussed how they are using technology to improve their business and what challenges they face as they implement new technologies.

Who wants a cashless society?

Over the last few years, the rise of new and innovative digital payments has meant that the concept of a cashless society is a more realistic prospect than ever before. But questions remain about whether this type of environment will be accepted by consumers.

Are we there yet? Understanding the complexities of blockchain production

At this week's Blockchain and Digital Currency Conference in New York, blockchain project veterans explained why getting up and running with blockchain technology is a moon shot, not a road trip.

Getting past square one: How to apply DevOps to ATM testing

In ATM testing, the discovery of QA issues can mean going back to square one on an implementation project. Usually, this results in delayed deployment and significant unplanned cost. There is a solution to this problem, though. It's called DevOps.

For Canadian operator, life's about cattle, community service ... and ATMs

Alberta, Canada-based Jade Cash is a mid-size operation with approximately 800 ATMs. But what sets the 18-year-old business apart, aside from a hands-on team and top-flight service, is a penchant for agriculture and community.

ATMs in a cashless world? To define is to limit

The ATM is a workhorse that has survived brute force theft, skimming, malware, industry consolidation, changing regulations and more. And while it might disappear eventually, 99 billion withdrawals annually is a difficult habit to kick.

2017 BCX awards competition last call for entries: Are you in?

Through Friday, June 16, Networld Media Group is accepting entries from innovative, consumer-focused financial institutions and fintech providers whose unique strategies and technologies are heightening the consumer experience.

ATM skimming detection minus the downtime: More than a myth?

ATM malware makes for big headlines, but ATM skimming still makes up the bulk of ATM attacks worldwide. Many deployers think antiskimming solutions require a tradeoff between uptime and security — is it really just wishful thinking to imagine having both?

A passion for payments: Breaking the glass ceiling in the ATM industry

Embry's journey in payments has spanned several decades and has relied on a great deal of curiosity, gumption, team work, a little bit of luck ... and four major requirements for success as a career-oriented woman.

ATM Marketplace: May Top 5

May breezed through and brought with it a scattering of ATM-related themes — from a bruising earnings report by Cardtronics to a brouhaha over ATM skimming statistics. Here's the recap of our most popular stories in the 'merry, merry month of May.'

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Managing Omnichannel Banking Initiatives

Implementing an omnichannel banking framework is synonymous with digital transformation. Both require financial institutions to invest in essential building blocks.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: INETCO Systems Limited

Survey Reveals Payment Data Security Concerns

Have advances in security provided reassurance to consumers that sensitive payment card data is being protected? This infographic looks at the results of a survey of US, UK and Australian adults which found 67% are concerned about the security of their credit/debit card data. We highlight issues for banks, acquirers, processors and merchants.

Type: Infographic

Sponsor: Transaction Network Services

Managing ATM Security: Layered Approaches for 21st Century Issues

With fraudsters being increasingly more creative at developing attacks on systems, ATM security is now more important than ever before, and unless ATM owners act proactively, they’re going to become the next statistic.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Diebold Nixdorf

Virtual Vaults: They're Not Just for Cash Anymore

Banks have had lots to worry about over the past few years. Perhaps the last thing many banks thought they would have to revisit is their antiquated cash vault operations down in the basement.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Loomis

KeyBank - Enhancing Profitability and Performance

Loomis U.S. partnered with KeyBank to out­source cash vaults, expand their footprint, and improve consistency in the client experience. Through this partnership, KeyBank was able to standardize pricing structures by taking advan­tage of the variable cost model Loomis provided.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Loomis

Enhancing Profitability and Performance of Financial Institutions through Cash Management Services Outsourcing

In 2015, Citizens Bank reached out to Loomis to support a transition of cash-handling services from an exiting vendor. The exiting vendor was responsible for cash in transit, ATM, cash processing, and vault services throughout the New England, New York, and Pennsylvania area.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Loomis

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