From promising to proven: The state of branch transformation

Increasing numbers of financial institutions are trading in their transactional hub-and-spoke branch networks for technology-enabled, consumer-centric financial centers. Here's how one recognized expert sees the current landscape in branch transformation.


The whats and whys of EMV noncompliance at merchant-owned ATMs

If you are an IAD or ISO with processing agreements currently in force for independently owned, EMV-noncompliant ATM locations, the $64,000 chargeback question is ... "What are you going to do?"

Weighing the pros and cons of bank app-based mobile payments

There are plenty of upsides and downsides facing a financial institution with plans to forge its own way in mobile payments. Industry executives at last month's Bank Customer Experience Summit in Chicago agreed that FIs should be aware of, and explore, all developments in the industry.

Watch highlights from this year's Bank Customer Experience Summit

Bank executives gathered in Chicago last month to listen to keynotes and panels about evolving consumers' expectations when it comes to their banking relationships.

ATM Marketplace: September Top 5

Summer's over. Time to sharpen up the pencils and buckle down to the business of, well, business. You can start by reading up on ATM Marketplace features you might've missed last month.

How much cash do I have on me?

The paradox is that the more we shift to digital forms of payments — from debit and credit cards to P2P payments — the more we feel at ease with cash. Cash helps us control our budgets and simplify our transactions. If we have the cash, we make the purchase. And in our highly complex lives, it is this simplicity that resonates with us all.

Branch transformation by design, part 1: 'Why?' 'How?' 'Who?'

Three presentations at the BCX Summit offered distinctly different perspectives on branch transformation. Our three-part series will share insights from each, beginning with Flushing Bank, where branch transformation netted a 28 percent reduction in FTEs (without layoffs) and a 20 percent reduction in operating costs.

Why FIs need to offer their own mobile wallet

Most consumers want one payment app on their phone, and most would prefer it to be their bank's. But with Apple, Android and Samsung getting the jump on mobile wallets, FIs must act quickly to capture their share of consumers making the choice to go mobile.

Getting peak performance from your ATM network: How hard can it be?

In a webinar this week, we looked at the results from a survey of 325 industry members who told us their priorities in balancing ATM network availability and cost optimization. Catch the replay to find out how your network stacks up against the findings.

As 'ATM-ageddon' looms, what do we hear? Crickets

With less than a month to go before the VISA ATM liability shift deadline, you might expect a frantic, last-ditch effort by ATM operators to get their machines EMV-ready. But you would be wrong.

5 ways FIs can create 'remarkable experiences'

At the Bank Customer Experience Summit this week in Chicago, retail authority Doug Stephens highlighted shifts in demographics, technology and media that are completely transforming the consumer landscape — and the very essence of retail banking.

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Three things to think about when bringing chatbots in your bank

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic, and companies everywhere are exploring how this technology can help to enhance the customer experience. The banking software company Auriga has published a whitepaper to explain what the financial industry needs to keep in mind when implementing AI-powered chat bots.

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[LIVE WEBINAR] Windows 10: A financial institution’s roadmap to 2020

Date: November 09, 2017 | Time: 10:00 AM EST | Duration: 1 Hour | Windows 10 lets your institution take advantage of the latest software releases, state-of-the-art systems and always-on operational excellence. Register now for this webinar to learn more about Windows 10, milestones and key dates for preparing your fleet.

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FSS ATM Monitoring Services

ATMs are critical self-service channels and it is imperative for banks to effectively monitor and manage these assets to ensure business continuity.

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[WEBINAR] ATM management and total cost of ownership: Insights and action plans

Download this webinar to gain essential insights into issues from financial institutions and ATM deployers polled in Fiserv’s Global ATM Total Cost of Ownership survey.

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[LIVE WEBINAR] Deep insert skimming and ATM explosive attacks: Case studies in preventing ATM crime migration

Date: October 19, 2017 | Time: 2:00 PM EST | Duration: 1 Hour | In this webinar, industry expert Henco Bezuidenhout and TMD Security will discuss case studies in preventing ATM crime migration. Register now!

PCI DSS Compliance: A Complex But Achievable Aim

Complying with the latest version of the PCI DSS may seem like a daunting task, but you can reduce this burden and the scope of your own compliance requirements by working with a partner who is a level 1 PCI DSS certified service provider. Find out more by downloading this new infographic.

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