'You've come a long way, baby': 50 years of ATM memories

At the ATMIA US conference, four of the industry's longest-tenured professionals shared memories and lessons learned while they were busy paving the way for today's modern ATM networks.


Are ATM-manufacturers' fortunes finally on the upswing?

In earnings calls, NCR Corp. and Diebold Nixdorf execs spoke confidently about a turnaround in their business: NCR touted continued positive momentum; the newly combined Diebold Nixdorf emphasized the magnitude of its portfolio.

Two guys, an RV and a lot of ATMs

Brothers Mike and Evan Almeida took their event ATM show on the road 12 years ago and haven't looked back yet.

Branch transformation goals: Grow revenue, reduce costs, unlock great customer experiences

In a fast-paced 15-minute presentation, NCR's Andy Aceto explains that the first task in branch transformation is to define the problem. And the solution, he says, 'is not about technology.'

Why the blockchain will change financial services delivery forever

One area that has lagged in innovation is financial services. Though money is inherently a conservative market, many predicted some time ago that providers would innovate quickly or be replaced.

'What you gonna do in those shoes?'

Look for Betsy Bohlen next week at the ATMIA US in Florida. But don't look for her to be wearing 'cruel shoes.'

There's comfort in cash

I cannot count the number of times I have been pressed to hand over a couple of banknotes in an emergency. And it is this sense of comfort, security and control that makes perhaps the strongest statement about the relevance of cash in the long term.

4 strategic marketing moves for ATM operators

With so many new advertising and marketing options available, it can often be hard for businesses to decide what strategies and technologies will be the best fit for their companies — and reach their target markets.

ATM fraud by the numbers

In an excerpted commentary from the forthcoming 2017 ATM Future Trends report, Shirley Inscoe, senior analyst at Aite Group, shares results from the firm's recent ATM fraud study. The study investigates trends and offers recommendations for remediation measures.

ATM Marketplace: January top 5

Network management, the menace of malware, the future of fraud, Fed findings on payments, and a fight between ATM industry heavyweights over patent claims. These were the top-of-mind topics for readers as we rang in 2017, the year the ATM checks off its first half-century.

ATM 2.0: Breathing new life into the cash machine

The ATM of the future is no mere cash-burping balance inquiry device: It's an in-store brand champion; cardless cash and money transfer provider; loyalty program manager and points redemption center; consumer data treasure trove ... and that's just for starters.

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The Internet of Things in the world of banking: potential or reality?

Auriga has launched its latest White Paper on the Internet of Things and its impact on the world of banking. The White Paper asks whether the Internet of Things is already a reality and highlights its huge estimated value of $14.4 trillion by 2022.

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Sponsor: Auriga

The challenge of digital transformation: Farewell to the traditional bank branch?

Is it time to say goodbye to the traditional bank branch? The phrase “branch of the future” is more popular than ever and in their latest White Paper, Auriga discuss what this means exactly in the context of the reduction of the number of branches in Western Europe.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Adopting an Omnichannel Management and Marketing System

There remains a long way to go before banks can claim to be delivering a truly integrated digital strategy.

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A98 Key Lock Box White Paper

The A98 Key-Lock-Box is a simple solution for PCI compliance. With A98-KLB, you can destroy your paper components while using a compliant key decomposition and storage solution. If your institution manages cryptographic keys, you need the A98 Key-Lock-Box.

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Sponsor: Trusted Security Solutions, Inc.

6-Series BillPay Kiosk

Retailers across the country use self-service kiosks as an efficient way to accept in-store bill payments from their customers. And with a full 1/3 of the US population using only cash to conduct their transactions1, that can translate to a lot of walk-in bill pay traffic for retail stores.

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Personal Teller Machine

Self-Service banking in the branch has become an integral part of branch transformation. As financial institutions evolve branch staff to more consultative roles, the use of technology is critical to automate the transactions historically handled by tellers.

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Sponsor: Source Technologies

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