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Since 1997, ATMmarketplace.com has reported on the important news, events, trends and people in the ATM industry. We reach a global audience of professionals from all sectors of the ATM market, including financial institutions, vendors, retailers and IADs. Our site features a directory of product and service providers as well as slideshows, videos and research.


Suzanne Cluckey is a writer with more than 25 years of experience in journalism and mass communications. Her work has appeared in trade journals and consumer publications throughout the U.S. and has covered a vast range of topics from cider-making to software development. In addition to her work for ATM Marketplace, Suzanne has written white papers and features for other publications in the Networld Media Group family including Fast Casual, Kiosk Marketplace, Mobile Payments Today and QSR Web.

Want to get your news covered in ATM Marketplace? Here's what you do:

  1. Make sure it's: newsworthy; B2B-oriented; topical; relevant to management level readers in fields within the publication's editorial scope.

  2. Keep it factual — all "-est" formations or other claims to glory must be quantifiable and verifiable. Refrain from self-congratulation and ad-speak.

  3. Provide quotes that illuminate, rather than restate, information in the release.  Include name, title and employer of the person being quoted. Feel free to include pertinent quotes from third parties.

  4. Include photographs and/or video if available and of good quality. Standard-format digital files are accepted (.png, .jpg, gif), as are video links and embed codes. Identify the source and person or place shown; if more than one person, tell us who's who (by name, title, company). 

  5. Copy and paste your press release into the body of an email addressed to Editor@ATMmarketplace.com. Alternatively, you can attach a Word document. Or do both. Sending a PDF will not prevent copy-editing, but it will probably delay the posting of your news.

  6. Provide complete contact information — name, title, company, phone, email.

  7. If your news hasn't posted within three business days and you firmly believe that it met the above criteria, please resend — items do sometimes get overlooked. If the release includes breaking or time-sensitive news, feel free to follow up much sooner.

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