Webinar to show how leveraging managed services can raise ROI on ATM, branch technology

Webinar to show how leveraging managed services can raise ROI on ATM, branch technology

Aside from the branch itself, no customer service delivery channel is more important to a bank than the ATM. For good reason. Decades of creative evolution in the ATM industry have enabled today's banks to offer their customers a financial touchpoint that is exceptionally functional, reliable and convenient.

But this has given banks a Catch-22 to sort out: To create an increasingly positive experience for the customer, banks have had to build out increasingly complex ATM networks. And these networks require an increasing degree of specialized and dedicated expertise to operate and maintain.

So how do banks continue to meet the expectations for uptime, ease of use and security customers now expect from their ATM networks, while at the same time squeezing the greatest amount of cost and inefficiency out of the system?

Leverage the value of managed services to drive ROI at the ATM and branch 

On July 26, this live webinar sponsored by NCR Corp. and hosted by ATM Marketplace will take up that question and show how one Waco, Texas-based bank resolved the Catch 22 of expectations and expense.

A $1.2 billion financial institution serving 135,000 customers through 16 branches and 30 ATMs, Extraco is the largest independent financial institution headquartered in central Texas. Entrenched in the community since 1902, the bank was faced with the challenge of streamlining branch services for increased efficiency and cost-savings — without diminishing its customer relationships and reputation for service.

Eric Markiewicz, director of marketing for NCR Services at NCR Corp., and Sandra Dixon, EVP and group executive for operations at Waco, Texas-based Extraco Banks will take webinar participants through Extraco's real-world experienced as the worked with NCR to transform the bank's branch and ATM experience in a way that would meet not only the bank's needs, but also those of its customers.

NCR will also show webinar participants how they can reduce IT complexity at their business or institution and lower the total cost of ownership in a multi-vendor, multi-channel branch environment.

Attendees will learn:

  • How they can use managed services to drive a higher return on their investment in self-service and branch technology, while further enhancing operational efficiency;
  • How they can apply evolving service models to reduce downtown and stop business disruptions before they occur;
  • How they can elevate the security of customer touchpoints in an economical and efficient manner.

This free, one-hour webinar will take place on Thursday, July 26 at 10:00 a.m. EDT. Registration is open now for Leveraging the Value of Managed Services to drive ROI at the ATM and Branch.

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