Using Vault Cash Service Helped IAD More than Double ATM Business

Outsourcing vault cash services enables ATM operators to fund the expansion of their footprint.

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ATM Cash Management 101

Optimizing their ATM cash management provides FIs and IADs with significant opportunities to generate savings.

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Minimize Threats with a Private Wireless Leased Line

Although wireless connectivity is increasingly being used to transmit personal and cardholder data, moving that data across the public internet can pose a host of risks.

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For Cardtronics, 'a choppier year than usual' ahead

After a long run of smooth sailing, Cardtronics hits choppy waters in Q1 as it navigates software issues, EMV and the integration of its largest-ever acquisition halfway around the world — all while tacking toward a new growth phase as a provider of in-branch ATMs.

How Cardtronics aims to capitalize on the 'snowball effect'

In Cardtronics' Q3 earnings report, CEO Steve Rathgaber outlined plans to keep the company's momentum growing by becoming the ATM infrastructure partner for FIs.

Fintech trust starts with the customer experience

Trust is hard to build and easy to lose, so it's critical to prioritize customer experience and brand leadership right from the beginning.

ATM Marketplace: Most-read features for May

As fast as May zoomed by, it would come as no surprise if you missed an ATM Marketplace feature or two. We've collected our top five articles here in one place for your speedy review.

6 reasons to outsource IT and ATM services

As FIs adapt their physical and digital branch touch points to meet customer needs, they still have to manage operational efficiency and IT infrastructure.

Vendors change direction amid a changing ATM environment

NCR sizes up the impact of a nearly $1B cash infusion from Blackstone and the downsizing of the ATM vendor market from Big Three to Big Two.

Somebody else's headache: 5 reasons to outsource your ATMs

With EMV liability shifts looming, now is a good time to consider offloading the costs — and headaches — that come with ATM fleet upgrades.

2014 ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit: M&A in the ATM Industry

Tremont Capital Group CEO Sam Ditzion discusses M&A trends in the ATM industry at the 2014 ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit in Washington, D.C.

6 ATM anti-fraud steps for small FIs

As big banks lock down their systems, small FIs could increasingly fall victim to ATM fraud. Here are effective actions you can take to make sure yours doesn't.

THE major reason for FI outsourcing in 2014

Simply, Windows 7. Windows 7 is a required operating system update to be completed by April 8, 2014, for all ATMs that currently run Windows XP, the software platform that drives the overwhelming majority of the world's advanced-function ATMs. Manufacturers...

How the market is forcing multivendor ATM strategies to a new level

A panel of experts including Citibank, Navy FCU and NCR discuss the market's need for ATM solutions that work in a multichannel environment dominated by mobile. (From the ATM & Mobile Executive Summit.)

Spotlight on the ATM: regulations, innovations and prognostications

A Q&A panel discussion sheds light on the ATM industry issues that keep deployers up at night.

ATM operator Cardtronics is red-hot and on a roll

The company lights up Q2 earnings and looks to heat up the independent ATM market in Europe. 

FIs should consider outsourcing payments

To compete on product innovation and customer service, rather than simply on cost, financial institutions should seriously consider outsourcing their payments operations. Many already do, and do it successfully. However, a recent Celent report found that some payments professionals working...

The outsourcing debate

Famed management consultant Peter Drucker spoke extensively about outsourcing and is often credited with the idea as we know it today. "Most look at outsourcing from the point of view of cutting costs," he said in an interview with Brent...

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Many ATM deployers outsource ATM fleet management to one firm that handles everything from cash management to transaction processing to software upgrades and more. This Research Center focuses on the benefits and execution of ATM outsourcing.