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Two-vendor solution helps ensure uptime at rural Italian ATMs

Two-vendor solution helps ensure uptime at rural Italian ATMs

NCR Corp. and INETCO Systems Ltd. are working in partnership with Sinergia, an Italian provider of centralized ATM network infrastructure, to improve the speed and uptime of ATMs belonging to the 165 rural banks that Sinergia serves.

According to a news release from the companies, Sinergia will deploy NCR APTRA Vision and INETCO Insight software to monitor real-time service delivery and improve customer service. The solution will be deployed to more than 2,000 ATMs that run on the Banche di Credito Cooperativo network in Italy.

NCR APTRA Vision is a multivendor ATM management system used by FIs to manage and improve ATM uptime and availability.

INETCO Insight is a transaction monitoring software solution that provides real-time alerting and end-to-end visibility into consumer transactions initiated at an ATM or other customer touch point. Detailed notifications reveal when transactions from a certain card type, ATM terminal ID, EFT network, switch or service type are failing.

Together, the technologies help to decrease the number of transaction failures or slowdowns, improving ATM availability and identifying performance issues prior to customer complaints.

"This enables Sinergia to guarantee ATM availability, identify fraudulent behavior anomalies such as cash trapping, and deliver undisrupted services to all our customers," said Marco Monti, VP of banking services at Sinergia. "The INETCO Insight end-to-end transaction monitoring capabilities, bundled with NCR APTRA Vision, enables this by providing a powerful, cost effective solution."

A free white paper from INETCO and NCR offers a closer look at how the companies' systems work together to provide an enterprise-wide performance view in multichannel banking environments.

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