Eliminating Currency Confusion at the ATM

PAI/Planet Payment ATMs generate new revenue and help foreign customers in the U.S. bank in familiar territory with Triton's Dynamic Currency Conversion custom software solution.

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Sponsor: Triton

InRouter611 & InRouter615 User Manual

Download user manual for detailed configuration. 

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Sponsor: InHand Networks

InRouter611 Wireless ATM Modem User Manual

Download InRouter611 user manual for detailed configuration. 

Type: User Manual

Sponsor: InHand Networks

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Wincor Nixdorf holds steady on annual net sales — with some rebalancing

Hardware and banking sales sagged, but increases in retail and software earnings took up the slack, CEO Eckard Heidloff said in the company's annual press conference.

Jackpotting makes its way to Western Europe's ATMs

Though malware attacks constitute a minority of ATM crimes in Europe, the stealth, speed, criminal finesse — and cash — involved make them particularly worrisome to deployers.

Can the ATM industry stop Tyupkin in its tracks?

ATM Marketplace checked in with security experts around the industry to learn how operators can protect themselves from the latest 'jackpotting' scheme, Tyupkin malware.

Cash: Reassuringly popular!

Cash is the "good news" payment method. Why? Well, at a simple level, because none of us ever complain that we have too much of it. On the other hand, I often hear people exclaim,"Not another one! I have a...

How do Brits love their in-store ATMs? New study counts the ways

Merchants love them, too: A good deal of the cash from their in-store ATM comes right back to them.

Is the US ATM industry making too big a fuss about EMV?

A UK commentator says it's time for the US to get with the program and get on with EMV migration.

Coming up this month: ICCOS EMEA 2014

The Cash Cycle Seminar is just around the corner, taking place Feb. 24–26 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Cash: It really is 'Everywhere You Want to Be'

Having an EMV-enabled card in Europe is one thing. Being able to use it is another.

From Russia with love

Leo Tolstoy had it right. A century after his death, I find myself marveling at the stark contrasts in a country still wrestling with the evolving payments industries. I just returned from a speaking engagement at the Fifth International PLUS Forum Cash Circulation + Self-service Banking and Retail 2013 in Moscow.

Why is cash recycling an issue that's not all for one, but one for all?

The other day I ran a series of workshops for a major bank regarding a project affecting a number of different customer touch points. Given the wide-reaching nature of the project, attendees included employees from various divisions — retail, ATM,...

Cash: Europe's payment scheme

The European Commission has for many years been concerned that the two international card schemes — Visa and MasterCard — are controlled from outside Europe. Surprisingly, Europe's commercial banks have been unable to devise a credible plastic solution to compete...

Government grants to Transport for London fund the war on cash

Millions of visitors come to London each year. With taxis being expensive (especially if you use a card, because you are charged a 10 percent "convenience" fee), most visitors to England's capital use public transport. All public transport in London is operated by Transport for London.

European ATM industry considers the Big Picture

On June 5-6 in London, European ATMs 2013 will take a deeper view of opportunities, issues and emerging trends.

Q1 revenues 'hit on all cylinders' for ATM operator Euronet

Kansas-based international IAD starts off the year by accelerating Q1 expansion and revenues.

The increasingly complex TAU market

The global base of teller assist units grew by 3.8 percent between 2010 and 2012, according to new research from RBR. This relatively modest growth rate is lower than the previous two-year period, but should not be viewed as a...

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ATMs in Central and Eastern Europe