THINKING beyond the ATM: How end-to-end transaction visibility improves the consumer experience

You could have the best ATM fleet in the business, equipped with a robust set of service offerings and multi-channel options. But without the ability to manage the performance of your end-to-end ATM network in a timely, cost effective manner, your consumer’s banking experience is still at risk of being tainted by transaction performance issues.

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Accelerating Branch Transformation with Integrated ATM Life Cycle Management

Banks need to modernize their ATM operations management technology to accelerate the transformation of their self-service channels and deliver the quality of service and reliability customers expect in the new era of omni-channel banking.

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How Edenred México safely expands their prepaid corporate service solutions with INETCO Insight®

Edenred México is focused on generating and managing a sustainable business growth plan. The Company’s ability to deliver a consistent end user experience and minimize the risk of service disruption is viewed as an important part of attracting new business partners and keeping existing customers loyal and happy.

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Rapidly evolving banking technology, introduction of new age channels and aggressive competition require banks to make significant investments in infrastructure, technology, and inter-operable payment channels and resources.

Why consumers still love cash

With so many "more convenient" options available, why do people continue to rely on hard currency?

For mobile payments adoption, it's the same old story

Mobile transactions have a long way to go before they overtake cash use in the US. A recent field test by the payments strategies group of the Boston Fed revealed the shortcomings of today's mobile payments market.

Can rewards programs push mobile payments past the tipping point?

Mobile payments have caught fire in Europe, where the technology is making inroads on cash. But they haven't made a dent in the US — yet. Does the m-payment industry finally have the magic formula for attracting loyalty awards-loving Americans?

Is it time to punt paper receipts?

Inspiring frustration isn't the analog receipt's worst crime. It also suffers from inertia — static and unable to influence or mobilize customers.

INETCO Analytics software for banking & customer engagement analytics

Win customers over one transaction at a time with on-demand banking and customer analytics software from INETCO.

Decoding ATM transaction messages for EMV analytics

You might have reached "all ATM terminals go" EMV nirvana, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you're out of the chargeback zone — yet.

Understanding the 'uberbanked' consumer at your ATM

Participants in a webinar this week got acquainted with a new breed of financial services consumer who is shaking up the banking industry.

Keeping customers, one transaction at a time

In a free webinar, Fiserv and Inetco will share real-world examples demonstrating how financial institutions can use transaction data to enhance the customer experience.

Too big to die?: Debating the future of cash

Pro- and anti-cash factions faced off at last week's Bank Customer Experience Summit in Chicago to debate the question, 'Is it time to kill cash?'

US and UK consumers embrace contactless transactions

The fact that contactless use is rising might not come as a shock, but the rate of growth might surprise you: Last year, consumers spent $10 billion using contactless cards, up more than 234 percent from 2014.

Upcoming report, webinar to examine ATM software trends

Tuesday, Aug. 2, a free webinar by ATM Marketplace and KAL will introduce findings from the upcoming report, 'ATM and Financial Self-service Software Trends 2016,' which will be released later that day.

Life without limits? Say it isn't so!

We all recognize the principle — or at least understand it, even if we don't believe it applies to us — that if it seems too good to be true, it very likely is.

Lost in translation: What do all those contactless terms mean?

All members of the payments ecosystem gain from contactless technology and transactions, but an important first step is to start talking about contactless terminology clearly and accurately.

Walmart Pay completes nationwide rollout as impressive returns roll in

After months of staggered rollouts, the retailer's mobile wallet is now online at all of its 4,600-plus locations across the country — and boasting a repeat user rate of 88 percent.

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ATM transaction processing is a core function of the ATM business equation. This Topic Center focuses on ATM transaction processing and the companies who provide processing services.