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Dynamic Currency Conversion delivers benefits all aroundWith global tourism on the rise and the payments industry working to generate additional revenue (as well as added customer value at ATMs and the point of sale), the financial and retail industries are becoming increasingly interested in dynamic …
Qatar Islamic Bank, the largest Shari'a-compliant bank in Qatar, is adding new anti-skimming solutions to its ATMs and bolstering IT security to defend against growing fraud threats. QIB and NCR Corp. have signed a strategic agreement for the …
NCR Corp. has signed an agreement with Éxito to provide the first network of ATMs and related technology services for Presente, the fund for employees of Éxito Group. Medellín, Colombia-based Éxito is South America's …
Everyone is right; everything is wrong!A quick scan of blog posts and feature stories of late would have even the most optimistic of us start wondering if indeed the glass is half empty. I can't recall having seen the breadth of change this dramatic in years. Not a single piece of …
Hallo ATM Marketplatz! This my first blog post of the year, and I'm ready to jump right into the hottest topic currently trending in the industry: Windows 7 software upgrades for ATMs. A recent ATMIA survey indicated that just 15 percent of banks …
By the end of 2013, just 4,150 ATMs in Europe — 0.7 percent of the total — had been upgraded to Windows 7, according to the comprehensive study, "ATMs in Europe 2014: Hardware, Software and Services," by RBR. The strategic research and …
Last month, Kenya Commercial Bank announced that it would add the MasterCard network to its existing Visa service as it migrated to EMV. Since then, customers have complained of ATM outages as the FI works to integrate the new network. ATM users …
ATMs left behind as Windows XP support endsby Aravinda KoralaCEO, KAL ATM Software Microsoft ends Windows XP support tomorrow, leaving many of the world's 2.6 million bank ATMs without software support. How did the ATM industry get itself into such a mess? It's not like we did not have ample …
The ATM industry has given plenty of thought to the risks of running ATMs on XP after April 8. But what about the back office running XP? In a recent Q&A, Gartner VP and analyst Michael Silver offered advice for the many, many organizations that …
Who's swimming naked?by Daryl Cornell, CEOTriton Systems "It's only when the tide goes out that you learn who's been swimming naked," goes the famous quote by Warren Buffett. For U.S. ISOs, the tide is already heading out. If Canada's experience with EMV implementation …
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