Economic pressures mean big ATM change

| by Tracy Kitten
Economic pressures mean big ATM change
Since 9/11, stricter enforcement of governmental and regulatory-body laws and guidelines has become the norm. New regulations designed to ensure the security of financial transactions, as well as to thwart terrorists' ability to use the ATM to clean dirty cash, have taken their toll on ATM deployers. (Read also,Recession: What about the ATM?)
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And industry executives say that toll is not likely to lighten or lessen anytime soon. In fact, most agree the regulatory environment is only going to become more defined and enforced — not necessarily a bad thing, but something that ATM deployers need to be braced for.
ATM Marketplace caught up with a handful of industry leaders duing theATM Industry Association's Payments Fraud in the Americas conferenceto talk about impending change.
See what each of them had to say about the ever-changing payments landscape. 

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