InRouter611 Wireless ATM Modem User Manual

Download InRouter611 user manual for detailed configuration. 

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Nutzen Sie die Möglichkeiten des Marketings an Geldautomaten und auf digitalen Kanälen optimal?

Da der Wettbewerb im Retail Banking zunehmend härter wird und immer mehr Finanzinstitute um die Aufmerksamkeit der Verbraucher kämpfen, stellt das Kundenerlebnis einen immer wichtigeren Aspekt dar. Es kann sogar ein entscheidender Faktor dafür sein, für welche Bank sich ein Kunde entscheidet.

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InRouter611 & InRouter615 User Manual

Download user manual for detailed configuration. 

Type: User Manual

Sponsor: InHand Networks

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Canada completes polymer banknote conversion

"Canada completes polymer banknote conversion" is much more than a headline about a national banknote series refresh. Canada has now completed the release of its first series of polymer banknotes. The series incorporates five denominations: $5; $10; $20; $50; and...

Exploring beyond the Roadmap

ATMIA webinar addresses EMV concerns from the IAD point of view

The Bank Conference Buzz: West versus East

I must admit that I have been saving up a bit of enthusiasm for this post! Mostly I wanted to have two similar yet different conference experiences behind me. It was my good fortune to attend both the recent 2011...

EMV deadline for U.S. ATMs...the race is on!

MasterCard follows Visa with an announcemernt of an EMV deadline for the U.S. market - the difference is that the MasterCard announcement relates to a liability shift for ATMs........and by April 2013!

Diebold reports second-quarter 2011 results

The company reported a 30 percent drop in earnings.  

Cardtronics expands its bank-branded ATM portfolio

Bank branding offers FIs opportunities to expand ATM fleets and customer base.

Canadian police put the handcuffs on ATM-skimming gang

Police seized ATM overlays, which are devices placed over the machines in order to capture legitimate cardholders' payment card data and personal identification numbers (PINs).

CashTrans targets small banks with a new ATM initiative

Community banks are under enormous pressures to better manage cost and improve efficiencies, which this program delivers to our partner First Georgia Banking Co.

ATMIA wants ATM operators treated the same way as merchants

MasterCard, operator of the Cirrus ATM network, raised network fees by 260 percent and reduced the interchange large-card issuers would pay non-bank ATM owners for such transactions by 62 percent. Visa, operator of the Plus ATM network, also implemented similar, but less drastic changes several years ago.

Cash Connect publishes best practices guide for armored car vehicles

The organizations said there is a need to improve best practices for armored car carriers because there has been a significant increase in cash thefts associated with Cash In Transit carriers.

Wells Fargo ATMs accept donations for Japan's earthquake victims

The bank's fund-raising effort is one of the most dramatic examples of using ATMs to accept charitable donations.

TIO Networks expands bill-payment locations in deal with MoneyGram

MoneyGram locations are housed in Albertsons, CVS and Wal-Mart stores.

ATMIA establishes a presence in Washington as organization becomes politically active

ATMIA needs to raise $300,000 to $400,000 to pay legal fees.

Poll: ATM owners and operators see major challenges facing their industry

Owners and operators most concerned with network changes, pending legislation and declining transactions.

Installed ATM base is expected to reach 3.1 million units by 2015

As deployment of ATMs continues to grow, the machines are expected to do more than dispense cash.

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