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Bank of Ireland, AIB put non-branch ATMs up for sale

Bank of Ireland and AIB Group are exploring the sale of their non-branch ATMs, part of a wider trend in the banking industry to outsource management of ATM fleets that are not part of branches or in remote locations. 

"AIB is examining selling a number of its offsite and merchant filled ATMs," a spokesman for AIB said via email. "The bank remains committed to serving its customers through a wide variety of options including our in-branch and online digital services."

The bank said it will continue to own and operate cash and check lodgement services across its branch network. 

"Over the past number of months Bank of Ireland has been strategically reviewing its non-branch ATM fleet," according to an emailed statement from the bank. "The bank has now commenced a tender process for the potential sale of this fleet. This tender process remains ongoing and no final decision has yet been made in relation to a sale."

Bank of Ireland has the largest branch network of any bank in Ireland, according to the statement. In the event of a sale, the bank would still operate 750 ATMs from more than 250 branches. 

The bank said if it sells its non-branch ATMs the terms would be the same as they currently have with retailers. 

Topics: ATM & Mobile Banking, Branch Transformation, Outsourcing

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