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How an ATM processor mined transaction data to increase profitability

A March 31 webinar will explain how one payment processor used end-to-end transaction visibility to extract greater returns from its network.

How an ATM processor mined transaction data to increase profitability

Diagnosing an ATM Network hangup without transaction visibility is like trying to figure out why your vintage MGB is having engine trouble — without being able to pop open the hood.

Transaction visibility is the key to increasing the power of an ATM fleet — to being able to arrive at game-changing answers to questions such as:

  • what are your customers experiencing at your ATMs or other self-service devices?
  • how are your networks and applications responding during transactions?
  • what is the business value of each transaction?

A March 31 webinar, "The ROI of transaction visibility — a case study," hosted by ATM Marketplace and sponsored by Inetco Systems Ltd. will present a case study illustrating how a major payments processor serving 14 EMEA countries successfully implemented Inetco Insight to gain greater efficiency, profitability and customer service across its entire ATM network.

Paul Grieve, technical infrastructure manager for the payment and credit card service provider will share his experience managing a Postilion Active/Active payments architecture and gaining end-to-end visibility into customer transactions.

Drawing on the big data analytics capabilities of Inetco Insight, the company was able to achieve quantifiable results:

  • improving network reliability and reducing transaction timeouts by 75 percent;
  • using end-to-end transaction visibility to isolate network, application and third-party service issues 65 percent faster; and
  • reducing transaction authorization times by 33 percent.

Grieve will describe how real-time transaction tracing and alerting provided one-stop visibility into transaction lifecycles that move through two data centers, a third-party telecom, and 54 other ATM, POS and back-end service providers.

Following the case study, Inetco vice president of product marketing Marc Borbas will guide the audience through a series of Inetco Insight dashboards to demonstrate the types of real-time data that can be mined by a powerful analytics program.

The one-hour event will conclude with a question and answer session. All registrants will also receive a free published version of the case study.

Register online for "The ROI of transaction visibility — a case study."

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