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Vertera 6G: big things in a small(ish) package

In a nod to today's smaller branch, the newest Talaris TCR takes on a compact size — without a trade-off on capacity. 

Vertera 6G: big things in a small(ish) package

| by Suzanne Cluckey — Owner, Suzanne Cluckey Communications

Bank and credit union branches are shrinking — evolving into more compact, efficient and fluid spaces. So it naturally follows that any automation technology serving the branch would need to follow suit.

"Handling cash efficiently and securely within space-constrained locations is a challenge for many businesses," said Mike Bielamowicz, executive vice president and director of global solutions at Talaris. "Some cash recyclers may be too large to fit, or installation may require a significant and costly interior layout re-design."

A 649-pound midget

To address these issues, Talaris set about designing a TCR scaled to a downsized branch environment. With its new Vertera 6G teller cash recycler, the company has reduced the footprint of the machine without giving up capacity and capability.

"It’s 30 percent smaller than the previous generation, is easier to use with a larger touch screen that provides intelligent assistance to the teller, and offers enhanced connectivity options that can provide greater control and business intelligence," Bielamowicz said. "It's an evolution, not a revolution."

The 6G addresses another ongoing branch evolution — the downsizing of branch staffs. This has given rise to a category of "universal bankers" who act as both personal banker and service representative.

In this do-it-all environment, it's become increasingly important for automated systems to offer intuitive interfaces and ease of use. The 6G accommodates with an upsized color touch-panel that's simply and intuitively designed to reduce employee training time and facilitate seamless customer service.

As competition for customers increases and as consumers find themselves with more banking options, the importance creating a flawless customer experience escalates, said Bielamowicz. The TCR's ability to automate and accelerate cash count, deposit, dispense, authentication, fitness and balancing functions "delivers real business benefit at multiple levels within the branch," he said.

The devil's in the deployment

Of course, it takes more than just the Next New Thing in bank automation technology to generate the speed and efficiency required of the branch bank. It often also takes business process redesign and organizational change.

Bielamowicz said it was important to consult with the customer to see that they get the maximum return on their banking automation investment. To this end, Talaris helps FIs design and deploy their systems to ensure security, connectivity and compatibility across the branch.

Learn more about Vertera 6G (and see how much TCRs have shrunk in 27 years) in the video below.

For more on this topic, visit the bank automation research center.

photo: stevendepolo

Suzanne Cluckey

Suzanne’s editorial career has spanned three decades and encompassed all B2B and B2C communications formats. Her award-winning work has appeared in trade and consumer media in the United States and internationally.


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