ATM Marketplace: July's best reads

| by Suzanne Cluckey
ATM Marketplace: July's best reads

August is here and the rest of the world seems to be away on summer vacation — which makes it a great time to catch up on some reader favorites you might have missed last month, covering topics that include cards, cash, mobile wallets and more.

Following is a countdown of the five best-read stories for July at ATM Marketplace.


5. Enough with the finger-pointing. It's time for the US to refocus, reform and unite on EMV

Judging by a recent blog from Triton and Durbin’s letters to the card schemes, EMV in the U.S. is not doing great. In Europe there is surprise but also bemusement about the way American banks, card schemes, retailers and consumers deal with EMV migration.

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4. Walmart Pay completes nationwide rollout as impressive returns roll in

Walmart's fledgling mobile payments system is now active in all of its 4,600-plus stores across the United States — and you can expect the retail giant to push the technology with new and existing customers in a big way.

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3. The 7 sins of ATM cash management

 Manual ATM cash management processes typically have internal uncontrolled interfaces, substandard data quality exacerbated by increasing volumes, and systems that are inflexible and do not support reconciliation and reporting requirements.

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2. EMV liability shifts: A backward stampede by the networks?

That sound you hear — like a herd of stampeding cattle? That's the sound of not only VISA, but now also American Express furiously backtracking on EMV chargebacks in the face of strong legal, market and, quite likely, behind-the-scenes political pressure.

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1. ATM-makers go tit for tat in patent spat

They say the best defense is a good offense. Nautilus Hyosung America has concluded that it's a theory worth testing in respect to patent litigation as the company fends off a suit brought by Diebold Inc.

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