EMV at the ATM: The race to compliance

This report is intended to educate U.S.-based ATM deployers about the EMV migration process.

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EMV at the ATM: What you need to know

As every U.S. ATM operator should know by now, the deadlines for migrating to EMV are fast approaching.

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How to Make ATMs EMV-Compliant Without Breaking the Bank

ATM manufacturer Triton helps independent deployers make the move to EMV

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The whats and whys of EMV noncompliance at merchant-owned ATMs

If you are an IAD or ISO with processing agreements currently in force for independently owned, EMV-noncompliant ATM locations, the $64,000 chargeback question is ... "What are you going to do?"

Growth in all Directions Outstripping Ability to Insure Quality Testing

When you consider the actions of some of the biggest technology vendors in the marketplace today, it’s hard to ignore their many press releases reporting just how successful they have been with whatever strategy they happen to be promoting at...

As 'ATM-ageddon' looms, what do we hear? Crickets

With less than a month to go before the VISA ATM liability shift deadline, you might expect a frantic, last-ditch effort by ATM operators to get their machines EMV-ready. But you would be wrong.

Automating Testing - It's All About Time and Money

Let me introduce myself. I have been working with payments solutions for more than two decades and I have been writing blog posts, commentaries and feature articles about payments solutions for nearly as long.

Like shooting fish in a barrel: How to land merchant ATM sites after EMV

Nearly 200,000 merchant-owned ATMs will not be EMV capable by the October Visa ATM liability shift deadline. So how does this movie end? While there are a number of possibilities, nearly all of them are opportunities for IADs who prepare now.

ATMIA Report on the Future of ATMs - Evolve or Die

In the 60s and 70s, eight track tapes were in every car and home. I remember my father purchasing the square, large bulky tapes containing songs by with his favorite artists.

A vanishing breed? EMV and the retail ATM

It seems likely that only serious chargeback pain or terminal shutoff will prompt many US merchants to upgrade their ATMs to perform EMV transactions. Even then, we could see merchant terminal numbers decline by as much as 25 percent.

Why NAC should stop quibbling about ATM skimming stats

Arguments over whose ATMs are more likely to be skimmed are slipping into irrelevance as the industry faces its final EMV deadline four months from now and consumers learn more about what that means.

Cardtronics shares get a haircut in a 'transitional year'

Company execs explained during an earnings call that the loss of income from 8,000 U.S. ATMs combined with delayed EMV migration, a growing constant currency gap, and integration of the company's largest-ever acquisition will make 2017 a year of adjustment.

ATM fraud in the age of EMV

While credit unions, banks and other ATM owners and operators continue to migrate their machines to EMV technology, the question remains: Will EMV ultimately solve the serious problem of fraud?

Decoding ATM transaction messages for EMV analytics

You might have reached "all ATM terminals go" EMV nirvana, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you're out of the chargeback zone — yet.

It's time to redesign card technology for ATMs

The ATM industry could benefit greatly from the banks' drive to implement new, consumer-driven contactless and smartphone-based technologies.

The EMV liability shift at ATMs: What's your risk mitigation plan?

The MasterCard liability shift date has arrived. Avoidance is no longer an option, so what's an unprepared ATM operator to do? Here's the view from a specialist in ATM-related law.

EMV in the US ... 1 year in

A look at the US payments industry's experience so far with EMV and what it might be like in the year ahead.

The dumb thing about smart cards: EMV’s identity problem at the ATM

Replacing a dumb card with a smart card doesn't solve the problem of knowing the cardholder's identity. Only with identity authentication can EMV provide a full solution for combatting fraud.

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