Puloon USA certifies Sirius ATMs with EFX Financial Services

Puloon ATMs USA has announced that its Sirius I and Sirius II ATMs have been certified for processing with EFX Financial Services, a Clearwater, Florida-based transaction processing company.

"We are excited to announce certification from EFX for the Sirius I and Sirius II ATMs," Puloon USA ATMs president Manny Lopez said in a press release. "ISOs and IADs will now be able to utilize the latest in advanced processing technology with Sibi Systems, EXF's secure ATM transaction processing system."

EFX has provided ATM processing services for more than 20 years. The company maintains its own proprietary software processing platform and operates two PCI-certified data centers that support a full range of ATMs from major manufacturers.

"EFX's low cost infrastructure and partnerships with industry leaders enables ATM operators to enjoy system reliability and comprehensive real-time reports in conjunction with greater access to the compact, durable, high-tech machines Puloon brings to the market," EFX CEO Deven Werling said in the release.

Topics: Manufacturers, Networking / Connectivity

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