Phoenix Interactive Design Inc. announces VISTAatm ATM software solution

LAS VEGAS - Phoenix Interactive Design's customers can now realize the same benefits offered by VISTAatm terminal software solution as it evaluates and rolls out ATMs with deposit automation and check-imaging capabilities. VISTAatm enables users to select from a variety of check-imaging and bulk-cash acceptance hardware from manufacturers such as NCR, Diebold and Wincor-Nixdorf while also benefiting from the open and flexible VISTAatm platform to deliver a single solution with integration into virtually any image-exchange solution.
Phoenix has a track record in the delivery of check-imaging solutions dating back to 1997 with the U.S. government sector's implementation of motor vehicle registration renewal at self-service terminals (NCR 56xx). These self-service terminals, running Phoenix software, supported payment by check, MICR detection, display of the check to the customer for confirmation and amount verification.
Since then, and as a result of Check21 legislation, a number of financial institutions have tested and deployed envelope-free deposits inclusive of check-imaging and bulk-cash acceptance at the ATM. 
"Industry adoption of deposit automation at the ATM channel has been slower than anticipated in part due to the costs and inadequacies of the technology and the lack of infrastructure required for image transfer and truncation of the original paper check," said Doug Parr, senior vice president of business development at Phoenix. "However, as a result of initiatives like Check 21 much of this technology and infrastructure is now proven and in place and we are seeing a significant move to ATM deposit automation."
Technology enhancements include improved amount-recognition accuracy and image-quality analysis and scoring, acceptance of checks and cash in "any which way" orientation, and acceptance of multiple checks at once. Industry sources indicate that these enhancements facilitate achievement of significant cost savings of as much as $1.30/deposit from reduced manual handling of envelope deposits at the ATM. However, industry sources say, it is equally important to consider the customer experience.
The VISTAatm Deposit Automation module fully supports all XFS 3.0 check-imaging and bulk-cash devices and the capabilities of the hardware to capture, display and print check images and to accept bulk-cash deposits - in a multivendor, multichannel environment. Regardless of the hardware platform or image-exchange solutions from the industry leaders, the Phoenix single application solution is a fit. Additionally, the VISTAatm Deposit Automation module supports IQA image inspection, quality analysis and scoring and image transfer with the ability to utilize a consistent industry standard technology across multiple vendor platforms and back-end image transfer systems.

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