Ingo, Enacomm enhance instant check cashing with intelligent self-service

Users of the Ingo Money mobile check cashing service can now get answers to account and transaction questions using a new self-service system developed by Enacomm Inc., a provider of intelligent customer interaction solutions and security technology.

Ingo Money allows consumers and small business owners who need instant access to their money to take a photo of a paper check with their mobile device and submit it for approval and real-time funding by a national bank to almost any bank account, prepaid card, credit card or online payment account.

With the addition of an interactive voice response system by Enacomm, these customers also gain instant access to enrollment assistance, account information and transaction status, without having to wait to speak with a customer service representative.

Ingo Money customers first authenticate themselves by phone, then interact with the IVR by following simple prompts. Users can inquire on the spot about their most recent transaction, get help accessing their account, learn more about challenge messages received when using the Ingo Money App, and more.

"The Ingo Money service is bringing personal and business payments into the 21st century by digitizing the paper check industry," Enacomm CEO Michael Boukadakis said in a release. "Ingo Money is working with Enacomm to make real-time, intelligent customer self-service a reality, complementing its no-wait approach to check cashing and further enhancing its next-generation offering." 

Topics: Deposits / Check 21, Retail / Off-Premises, Transaction Processing

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