EMVCo highlights engagement with non-network members

EMVCo, the global technical specification body for EMV payment technology formed by the major card brands, has received criticism of late from legislators concerned about an seeming lack of input from non-network stakeholders.

So it comes as no surprise that the organization recently issued a press release to publicize the addition of 25 new members to its associates program.

In the release, EMVCo emphasized that membership allows an organization to participate in discussions about the development of existing and future EMV specifications for payment technologies.

The release listed new associates and described their roles as follows:

New business associates include Apace; Merchant e-Solutions; Netflix; and Worldline.

This membership group includes merchants, payment networks and other organizations that have a direct business responsibility for an EMV transaction at any point in its lifecycle.

Business associates provide input on strategic business issues related to the use of EMV specifications.

New technical associates include Bell ID; CA Technologies; China Financial Certification Authority; Consult Hyperion; CPI Card Group; Comtech TCS; Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions; Modirum; mSIGNIA; Nets DK; PAAY; Thales; ThreatMetrix; and TTA.

This group is open to stakeholders — including merchants, payment networks and others — with an interest in EMV specifications. They provide input and receive feedback on detailed technical and operational issues relating to EMV specifications and related processes.

New dual associates (registered in both business and technical groups) include Cartao Elo; JP Morgan Chase & Co.; Microsoft; National Payments Corp. of India; NSPK;  Verizon.

EMVCo said that it also offers a subscriber service that provides access to advance information about new developments and draft documents. This group also has the opportunity to provide feedback and input on the work of EMVCo.

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Companies: HP Inc., Rambus

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