ATM malware sellers branching out

At least one ATM malware purveyor on the dark web is broadening its portfolio to include bitcoin ATM malware.

According to a blog by Trend Micro, a provider of digital security solutions, a search of underground forums revealed "an apparently established and respected user" offering bitcoin malware for sale.

For $25,000, the buyer receives the malware, an EMV- and NFC-enabled card, a multilingual guide and online support, if needed.

The kit allows the user to exploit a service vulnerability in order to transfer up to $6,750 per transaction, or the equivalent amount in euros or pounds sterling. Physical proximity to the bitcoin ATM is not required in order to carry out the transfer.

"As the number of Bitcoin ATMs grows, we can expect to see more forms of  malware targeting cryptocurrency ATMs in the future," the blog concludes.

Topics: Bitcoin, Security, Skimming / Fraud, Software

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