[WEBINAR] Deep insert skimming and ATM explosive attacks: Case studies in preventing ATM crime migration

In this webinar, industry expert Henco Bezuidenhout and TMD Security discuss case studies in preventing ATM crime migration. Download now!

[WEBINAR] Deep insert skimming: Breaking news on attacks and defense

Join industry experts to discover more about deep insert skimming and the critical importance of active protection.

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CSFi News: Fall 2016

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ATM skimming detection minus the downtime: More than a myth?

ATM malware makes for big headlines, but ATM skimming still makes up the bulk of ATM attacks worldwide. Many deployers think antiskimming solutions require a tradeoff between uptime and security — is it really just wishful thinking to imagine having both?

NAC serves up a new ATM survey and spins an old fallacy

The National ATM Council has repeatedly said that big banks control FICO and use it as a propaganda tool to make retail operators look bad. Yet, the hard data they use to back up their claim actually proves them wrong.

FICO nixes NAC number-fixing claims on retail ATM compromise

On March 29, FICO released stats showing that nonbank ATMs accounted for the majority of card compromises in 2016. NAC fired back with a memo accusing FICO of — among other things — skewing the numbers to favor banks. Here's what FICO says about those claims.

Is your ATM security what it should be?

ATM attacks not only pose a clear financial risk, but also present a serious threat to your brand and reputation. Are you doing everything you can to protect your organization and its customers?

ATM Marketplace: February top 5

Top reads for the month included Q1 and full-year earnings reports by major industry players, coverage of rising trends in cardless ATM transactions and a fraud commentary excerpted from the 2017 ATM Future Trends report.

ATM fraud by the numbers

In an excerpted commentary from the forthcoming 2017 ATM Future Trends report, Shirley Inscoe, senior analyst at Aite Group, shares results from the firm's recent ATM fraud study. The study investigates trends and offers recommendations for remediation measures.

ATM fraud: The evolution of an epidemic

From brute force to hi-tech hacking, how did this phenomenon evolve and, more importantly, what can we do to stop criminals from cashing in at everyone else's expense?

ATM Marketplace: The October top 5

Scary items — EMV and ATM skimming — bookend our list of most-read stories for the month. Catch up here on any you might have missed before we get to that really scary item ... the general election.

What every deployer needs to know about deep insert ATM skimming

In a Thursday webinar, security specialists will share updated information about this undetectable skimming technique — and discuss how deployers can guard against it.

The dumb thing about smart cards: EMV’s identity problem at the ATM

Replacing a dumb card with a smart card doesn't solve the problem of knowing the cardholder's identity. Only with identity authentication can EMV provide a full solution for combatting fraud.

PNC Bank and the long drive to EMV-enabled ATMs — Part 1

The bank's 9,000-ATM fleet will be entirely EMV-enabled this month. In a two-part series, we'll look first at the internal aspects of migration — hardware and software upgrades; and then at the external aspect — making customers comfortable with the new technology.

Smartwatch Ado About Nothing (or, How to get rich slowly as an ATM fraudster)

There's been a lot of hoopla lately about a group of researchers who developed an algorithm for stealing PINs from smartwatches. But as ATM fraud headaches go, this one barely rates as a forehead slap.

'Mystifying and problematical': NAC's ATM skimming survey

A recent survey polling independent ATM deployers confirms that card skimming is 'very limited' at retail ATMs ... or does it?

Why EMV won't keep card-skimming crooks away from ATMs

As long as plastic cards continue to have that stripe on the back, ATMs will continue to be a magnet for fraud.

Battling ATM crime with a blunt sword

While international crime groups are acting fast, intelligently and with the backing of huge amounts of money, industry players are fighting in single battlefields and sometimes with blunt swords. It’s time to rethink our strategy in fighting ATM crime.

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