ATM-maker Triton alerts customers to possible phishing attacks

ATM-maker Triton has issued a bulletin warning customers that they could be targeted by fraudsters attempting to infiltrate their computer systems through targeted "spear-phishing" attacks.

According to an email notice from Triton:

It has come to our attention that fraudsters are calling Triton customers requesting them to verify their email address so an updated price list can be sent. The URL used in the email they send is 

While we don’t know for sure, any email they send with a price list could include an attachment that could contain malware, a virus or worse.

The Mississippi-based manufacturer said the URL used by the fraudsters is registered in Panama and is in no way affiliated with the ATM manufacturer.
The company advised that anyone who receives a call from an unknown individual claiming to represent Triton should report the incident to their company's IT or security department.

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