Cohesive branding key to effective marketing at the ATM

| by Jim Ghiglieri
Cohesive branding key to effective marketing at the ATM

Branding is an essential part of a successful marketing strategy. Whether it's for a corporation, small business or community financial institution, branding matters. In fact, it encompasses your entire customer experience.

Creating and maintaining a consistent brand across all channels is an important element of effective brand use. This means incorporating your FI's branding throughout all mediums of consumer contact, including mobile and online banking, as well as the ATM.

When deciding how to effectively bring your FI's branding to the ATM, consider these three tips from CB Insight.

  1. Branding toppers — These wraparounds are an effective means of displaying an FI's brand directly on a freestanding ATM. They can also pull double duty as protection from scratches and the elements.
  2. ATM screens — Flashing your FI's brand directly in front of customers while they're intently looking at the screen can be an effective way to remain top of mind throughout an ATM transaction. (Just remember to prioritize content value so the message is welcome, not irritating.)
  3. Cross promotions — FIs should keep in mind the value of omnichannel marketing and branding. Taking the opportunity to promote online, mobile and ATM offerings within the branch — and vice versa — can be a powerful tool in tying your FI's branding together across all channels.

Creating a seamless branding experience is an important factor in marketing your FI. Promoting that brand across all channels can be equally important. Consider how your FI works to keep cohesive branding efforts constantly in front of your customers — including those engaging with you at the ATM.

Topics: Bank / Credit Union, Branding, Omnichannel Banking

Jim Ghiglieri
Jim leads Shazam’s communication efforts by working directly with industry organizations, trade associations, and media outlets to affirm Shazam’s focus on representing the voice of community financial institutions in the electronic payments industry. wwwView Jim Ghiglieri's profile on LinkedIn

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