Omnichannel Marketing for Financial Institutions: An Industry Guide

ATM Marketplace surveyed financial institutions, (FIs) worldwide and conducted detailed interviews with leading European and North American FIs and consultants to to better understand FIs' preferences in omnichannel marketing systems.

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It is clear cash is here to stay, but banks need to improve their offering

As banks look to reduce costs wherever they can, they are removing branch staff and replacing them with ATMs and ASDs/ASSTs (Assisted Self-Service Devices/Assisted Self-Service Terminals). But just as important as lowering costs is customer loyalty, which is driven by customer service.

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ATM - Mobile Integration Guide: Strategies for Successful Omnichannel Banking

This guide examines how banks are developing cross-channel strategies linking their ATMs with their mobile channels, their branches and Internet banking.

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For NCR, it's off to the races in Q1

ATM revenues were a notable weak spot in the first quarter of 2017, but NCR got off to a strong enough start overall that executives were able to announce with confidence that full-year revenues would exceed their earlier expectations.

Unlocking the potential of self-service with smart ATMs

There needs to be a major change of mindset within many banks about the greater role that ATMs can play in improving customer experience and services. The current position tends to be too rigidly fixed on offering a limited set of services and reducing operating cost.


Ad oggi, sono poche le banche che adottano una strategia digitale realmente integrata. Tuttavia, molte di loro stanno pianificando oppure già stanno lavorando per superare un’impostazione verticale divisa “per silos”, andando verso un sistema omnicanale. Il presente articolo offre uno sguardo sul panorama odierno della omnicanalità in banca.

Briser les silos : objectif omnicanal

Bien que la plupart des institutions financières opèrent sur plusieurs canaux de distribution et offrent une large gamme de services, peu ont à ce jour adopté et déployé une vraie stratégie omnicanal. En voici un aperçu avec quelques résultats clés.

Seamless statt Silos: Omnichannel Banking in Zahlen

Wenige Finanzinstitute setzen ein einziges integriertes Managementsystem ein. Jedoch wären die meisten es gern und viele gerade Pläne erarbeiten um Omnichannel-Systeme zu implementieren. Eine von Auriga gesponserte Infografik bietet einen Überblick über die aktuelle Situation des Omnichannel Banking, in Zahlen.

From siloed to seamless: Omnichannel banking by the numbers

Few financial institutions are operating on a truly omnichannel model. But most would like to be and many are making plans to get there. Here's a look at the omnichannel retail banking landscape, by the numbers.

INETCO Analytics software for banking & customer engagement analytics

Win customers over one transaction at a time with on-demand banking and customer analytics software from INETCO.

Why the ATM belongs at the forefront of the digital revolution

Today's ATM is the foundation of the self-service digital revolution and an essential complement to mobile banking, says commentator Bill Knoll.

Banking via mobile: Does 'BYOD' mean 'bring your own disaster'?

The great thing about banking via mobile device is its convenience. The not-so-great thing is device owners' penchant for downloading things they shouldn't. A May 10 webinar will discuss cyberthreats — and ways to protect customers against their own bad habits.

A long way from the cash register: NCR takes on the omnichannel age

NCR CTO for Software Solutions Eli Rosner discusses the current state of omnichannel enterprise and the outlook to 2020.

The groundwork: 3 essentials for successful branch transformation

The recent webinar, "Clearing the path for branch transformation: 3 management tactics to succeed," offered insights on achieving customer service that is both omnichannel and singular.

NCR finds something to love (or at least like) in 2015 revenues

It was a rough year for profits, but signs of growth suggest that the company is on the right track pursuing the high-margin, software-intensive omnichannel banking market.

Conference preview: ATMIA US 2016

For its upcoming conference in The Big Easy, the ATM Industry Association has assembled a hard-hitting lineup of timely, on-topic workshops, breakouts and keynotes.

What the 'Terminator' can teach us about boomer banking

Despite the spotlight on millennials, it's boomers who still hold the nation's wealth. Your level of engagement with them in all channels will determine whether it's 'Hasta la vista, baby,' or 'I'll be back.'

New self-service concepts promise a bright future for the ATM

The challenge is to find practical pathways for new ATM capabilities that align with the more efficient, more integrated retail banking model of the future.

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