ATM Marketplace: July Top 5

| by Suzanne Cluckey
ATM Marketplace: July Top 5

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Second quarter earnings for two major ATM-makers fizzled like damp fireworks, but a feature recapping 50 years of ATM progress reminded us that there's still plenty to celebrate about a half-century-old machine that continues to revolutionize retail banking.

Here are the top five stories that ignited reader interest in the month of July.

5) An ITC ruling for Hyosung brings the patent bout with Diebold right back to a draw

The bell has rung on the latest round in the Diebold-Hyosung patent matchup. Both contenders have retreated to their corners claiming victory, but the punch stats are pretty close to 50-50.

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4) As ATM sales slump through H1, NCR hangs its hat on H2 gains

ATM sales slumped more than 20 percent in Q2, leaving NCR Corp. with a lot of ground to make up in the second half of 2017 in order to make good on full-year earnings expectations.

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3) A vanishing breed? EMV and the retail ATM

It seems that only serious chargeback pain or terminal shutoff will prompt many U.S. merchants to migrate their ATMs to EMV. Even then, we could see merchant terminal numbers fall as much as 25 percent.

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2) In earnings call, Diebold unpacks a disappointing Q2

In a Q2 earnings call, Diebold Nixdorf executives spent an hour enumerating the obstacles and events that led to a July 5 announcement of a downward revision to earnings expectations for the full year.

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1) 50 little-known facts about ATMs

In a salute to the ATM's 50th anniversary, here's an assortment of little-known (or at least, lesser-known) facts about the decades of development and current-day status of the humble, but mighty, ATM.

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