Partnership enables advertising on Retail-BCG ATMs in UK, Ireland

Retail Bank Consulting Group has partnered with an integrated media specialist to enable advertising at Retail-BCG ATMs in the U.K. and Ireland, according to a press release, which did not disclose the name of the media company.

Retail-BCG infrastructure allows ads to be deployed remotely and displayed only at specified ATMs, the release said. On average, the ATM user watching the screen will see up to three adverts for approximately 5 seconds each.

On-screen messages can also be coupled with receipt advertising and coupon redemption, the release said.

"With our unique internet-based solution we can deploy advertising by ATM; [by] time of day; and by cardholder, allowing accurate targeting of the ATM users," Retail-BCG CEO Andrew Martin said in the release. "When we combine this with our new partnership we drive true value for our clients."

Topics: ATM Innovation, Retail / Off-Premises

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