KAL launches KAL Cloud

KAL ATM Software has announced the availability of new versions of its ATM software with cloud support.

The backwardly compatible software can be implemented within a financial institution's  private cloud or on public cloud infrastructure such as Microsoft Azure, according to a press release.

As the software industry has evolved to include more cloud-based offerings, banks are looking to leverage the advancements that support these new software models and build their next generation of ATM networks using new architectural concepts.

KAL said in the release that it has ensured that past gains are not lost in this progression. The company's software remains standards-based and continues to support open standards such as XFS and nexo as it moves to the cloud.

Additionally, KAL supports mixed architectures in which some ATMs — for instance, off-premises terminals with slow connections — can continue to use an IoT Edge architecture while branch-based ATMs use a full cloud implementation. All of this can be achieved in tandem with KAL ATM management and monitoring with KTC, the release said.

The company's new cloud architecture was piloted by a major German bank in live production in 2016, with rollout continuing since then. With the pilot, KAL demonstrated an additional feature of KAL Cloud — the ability to run on non-Windows ATMs. The hardware in this case was a mixture of Linux machines, as well as firmware-based machines with no OS at all, the company said.

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