Hyosung software enables virtual currency transactions at traditional ATMs

Nautilus Hyosung America has announced the introduction of Just Cash, ATM functionality that enables bitcoin transactions on a standard ATM.

According to the company, the software is supported by ATMs running the operating system WinCE 6.0, version V06.01.30 and above.

A company brochure lists customer features that include:

  • Ease of purchase for bitcoin virtual currency.
  • Printed ATM receipt with transaction details and cryptocurrency public and private keys.
  • Cryptocurrency to existing virtual wallet with a simple QR scan.

The company listed benefits to the ATM operator that include:

  • Ability to draw a new set of users to the ATM.
  • Ease of implementation, with no hardware upgrade required.
  • Additional revenue opportunity.

Each cryptocurrency transaction earns revenue that is settled directly into the operator's bank account, according to the brochure.

The company also has plans for additional software introductions that will enable added-value features such as cash withdrawal via mobile phone; cash redemption of cryptocurrency; support of additional cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum; and couponing capabilities.

Topics: ATM Innovation, Bitcoin, Software, Transaction Processing

Companies: Hyosung

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