Finnish FI's new fee structure favors customers who bank via mobile phone

Finland's Nordea bank is pushing — hard — to get customers to bank via mobile. The bank has said that it will increase its service charges for online banking customers who do not download and use its mobile app, according to a report by the Finnish TV news program Yle Uutiset.

Starting this summer, Nordea customers who don't use the mobile app will be charged monthly fees of 7.50 euros ($9.25). Those who use the mobile app will pay 4 euros. Those who also have a mortgage with the company will pay no fees at all.

Customers are not required to use the mobile app exclusively — just mostly — according to a statement from the bank:

"The most cost-effective thing for customers is if they have an account and a card with Nordea and they mostly use the mobile banking app and the codes app for their online banking."

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