Keeping customers, one transaction at a time

Keeping customers, one transaction at a time

Today, 8 out of 10 retail banking customers consider the relationship with their banking services provider (or providers — consumers have more, and more varied, options than ever before) as merely transactional.

But what if those very transactions could be leveraged to increase engagement and strengthen relationships with customers?

In fact, they can. Many financial institutions today are using highly detailed, rigorously filtered big data to better understand and more fully meet the financial needs, aspirations and lifestyles of their customers.

What's more, many are finding that they can create customized views of this data, which allows them to provide specific, meaningful insights to multiple teams within the institution that might be asking entirely different types of questions.

In a free, one-hour webinar on Oct. 18, Fiserv and Inetco will share real-world examples demonstrating how consumer transaction data can be used to improve customer engagement across a variety of business units.

These can include: 

  • IT operations teams that want to manage the performance of critical devices, applications, networks and host communications;
  • channel managers who need insight into customer use, cash flows and channel profitability;
  • card operations teams that care about EMV fallbacks, card use and interchange fees;
  • digital executives who want a breakdown of customer activity across all digital channels; and
  • risk management and security teams looking to quickly identify weird transaction activity.

Presenters will include David Johnson, product manager advisory for self-service solutions at Fiserv, and Marc Borbas, vice president of product marketing at Inetco.

Johnson and Borbas will review consumer banking trends to develop a big picture of the challenges — and challengers — to traditional financial institutions.

These include rapidly evolving technologies, changing consumer demographics and lifestyles, and the increasing fragmentation of financial services into new delivery systems provided by new, nontraditional competitors.

They'll also discuss what matters to consumers in their banking lives, including speed and reliability, protection from fraud, and frustration-free availability when and where they want it.

And they'll describe how advances in data storage, visualization and real-time transaction information and analytics can help business units to ensure a positive customer experience across ATM and digital channels.

With these tools, each team can measure what matters to them, while doing their part to win — and keep — customers, one transaction at a time.

Register for the webinar, "Five awesome ways to improve customer engagement."

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Companies: Fiserv, INETCO Systems Limited

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