ATM Marketplace: September Top 5

ATM Marketplace: September Top 5

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Summer's over. Time to sharpen up the pencils and buckle down to the business of, well, business. You can start by reading up on ATM Marketplace features you might've missed last month — including two forward-looking pieces on the future of the ATM, and another two on the future of non-EMV ATM operators who let the Visa liability shift pass them by this month.

Here are our top five stories for September ...

5. 5 ways FIs can create 'remarkable experiences'
At the 2017 Bank Customer Experience Summit, retail authority Doug Stephens talked about shifts in demographics, technology and media that are transforming the consumer landscape — and retail banking.
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4. Like shooting fish in a barrel: How to land merchant ATM sites after EMV
Nearly 200,000 merchant-owned ATMs won't be EMV capable by the Visa liability shift deadline. So how does this movie end? There are a many possibilities, nearly all of them opportunities for IADs who prepare now.
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3. The ATM at 100, a forecast for 2017–2067: Part 2
ATMIA CEO Mike Lee envisions the next 50 years in the life of the cash machine — including an ATM intelligently connected to the home, the bank, digital channels, satellites, sensors and, above all, the customers it will have served for 100 years.
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2. As 'ATM-ageddon' looms, what do we hear? Crickets
With less than a month to go before the VISA ATM liability shift deadline, you might expect a frantic, last-ditch effort by ATM operators to get their machines EMV-ready. But you would be wrong.
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1. The ATM at 100, a forecast for 2017–2067: Part 1
In a two-part feature, ATMIA CEO Mike Lee takes a look at five decades of innovation for a machine that began life  as a friendly 'robot in the wall' — and he forecasts how the ATM might continue to evolve over the next 50 years.
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