ATM Marketplace: June Top 5

| by Suzanne Cluckey
ATM Marketplace: June Top 5

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In June, summer officially got off to a start, a Diebold Nixdorf patent complaint under consideration by the International Trade Commission came to an end (sort of) and ATM Marketplace marked the beginning of the automated teller machine's next 50 years with anecdotes about its first 50.

If you missed any of these top-rated features — or our other most-read stories in June — why not just take a few minutes right now to chill and catch up on your summer reading?

5) ATM skimming detection minus the downtime: More than a myth?

ATM malware makes for big headlines, but ATM skimming still makes up the bulk of ATM attacks worldwide. Many deployers think antiskimming solutions require a tradeoff between uptime and security — is it really just wishful thinking to imagine having both?

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4) ATMs in a cashless world? To define is to limit

The ATM is a workhorse that has survived brute force theft, skimming, malware, industry consolidation, changing regulations and more. And while it might disappear eventually, 99 billion withdrawals annually is a difficult habit to kick.

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3) Who wants a cashless society?

Over the last few years, the rise of new and innovative digital payments has meant that the concept of a cashless society is a more realistic prospect than ever before. But questions remain about whether this type of environment will be accepted by consumers.

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2) 50 little-known facts about ATMs

In a salute to the ATM's 50th anniversary, here's an assortment of little-known (or at least, lesser-known) facts about the decades of development and current-day status of the humble, but mighty, ATM.

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1) Diebold gets a win — though not quite a victory — in its ATM patent battle

Diebold Nixdorf got the ruling they sought against Hyosung in their petition to the ITC, but it won't stop the import to the US of a single Hyosung ATM or affect the operation and servicing of machines already installed.

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