ATM Marketplace: April Top 5

| by Suzanne Cluckey
ATM Marketplace: April Top 5

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When it rains it pours ...

All sorts of topics caught readers' interest in April,  from regulations to revenues to the reasons why financial institutions are starting to get seriously interested in blockchain technology. Once again, though, it was the subject of cardless ATM access that made the biggest splash.

Here's the countdown:

5) ADA, assistive technology and the leading example of ATMs

Assistive technology for the disabled has become more sophisticated and pervasive in recent years, giving kiosk manufacturers and deployers the ability to better serve an important customer base — and meet ADA requirements.

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4) How are you setting your ATM strategy?

Every financial institution believes it's got the playbook on best placement of branches, the right formats, and correct staffing models, but there is a glaring weakness in their strategy: Call it the ATM afterthought.

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3) For NCR, it's off to the races in Q1

ATM revenues were a notable weak spot in the first quarter of 2017, but NCR got off to a strong enough start overall that during a Q1 earnings call, executives were able to announce with confidence that full-year revenues would exceed their earlier expectations.

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2) The whys and hows of banks and the blockchain

Bitcoin has long been on banks' radar and, as it turns out, for good reason. The blockchain technology at the heart of bitcoin opens up a number of possibilities for financial institutions. Here's what's in it for them.

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1) Cardless ATM access: 'Keep up or get left behind'

At the end of March, Wells Fargo became the first U.S. bank to implement cardless account holder access across its entire ATM fleet; NCR's Colin Gordon explains why it's critical for other FIs to follow suit — and soon.

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