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2017 ATM Future Trends

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Special Report

Published / Updated:
March 9, 2017

Welcome to the 5th edition of the biannual ATM Future Trends report. Within its pages, you’ll find a wealth of information intended to help you establish achievable goals and strategies for your ATM channel or business over the next few years. This report includes results from our survey of more than 300 ATM industry members at all corporate levels, as well as our surveys of more than 1,000 ATM end-users in the United Kingdom and the United States.

ATM Marketplace extends sincere thanks to Auriga, whose generous underwriting allows us to present ‘ATM Future Trends 2017’ to our readers free of charge.


Auriga is a software solutions company, specialized in end-to-end systems that integrate the various delivery channels used in retail banking.

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