Why mess with cash? Masterpass those snack crackers!

MasterCard has vowed to end the plight of shivering, swimsuit-clad hotel guests who pass a vending machine on their way in from the pool only to find themselves hungrily staring at a package of Doritos and inwardly lamenting that they haven't so much as one thin dime on their person. 

Such melancholy scenarios could become but a dim memory, thanks to a partnership between the card network and PayRange, inventor and vendor of a device currently enabling mobile payment at vending machines in 300 cities across the U.S. and Canada.

Using the PayRange app on their smartphone, munchy-craving consumers can select the beverage or snack they want from the vend-o and pay for it safely and securely using Masterpass, according to a MasterCard press release.

"Convenience is as important to consumers as personalization and customization," Betty DeVita, MasterCard chief commercial officer of digital payments and labs, said in a statement. "Paying with a mobile phone seems like such an obvious answer to a pain point that has existed for decades. Whether it’s a physical card or a tap of a phone, as mobile usage becomes a way of life, consumers will expect all retail touchpoints to be as mobile-friendly as possible and all commerce experiences to be frictionless."

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