POPin adds 'emotive recognition' to video banking platform

POPin Video Banking Collaboration, a mobile video banking solution, has incorporated Derive PositivityCoach, an application for emotive recognition released in partnership with PositiveIQ, a nonprofit organization promoting positivity and personal growth.

"Emotive recognition takes video banking to a whole new level," POPin founder and CEO Gene Pranger said in a press release. "PositiveIQ's unique algorithm measures both the consumer and the call center, giving agents and managers immediate guidance on how to improve the customer experience."

Through POPin's patented platform, members can complete nearly all banking needs via web, personal device or branch-based video. With the addition of Derive PositivityCoach, POPin can:

  • Evaluate the emotional quality of interactions between service representatives and customers.
  • Display real-time information to agents about the customer's emotional state.
  • Generate timely suggestions for enhanced service and selling opportunities.

Managers can also receive feedback on agent performance for use in sales strategy and training, the release said.

"The principle of the technology, and what we strive toward at PositiveIQ, is to develop more positive relationships," said Amy Weiland, director of training and education development. "Some customers are uncomfortable talking about personal finances. Derive PositivityCoach provides a way to uniquely and effectively connect with customers during those vulnerable conversations."

Topics: ATM Innovation, ATM & Mobile Banking, Software

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