Mexican banks tap HID to deploy fingerprint ID for ATMs, account services

HID Global, a provider of trusted identity solutions, is driving biometrics adoption throughout Latin America — and particularly in Mexico, whose National Banking and Security Commission has set a deadline of October for the deployment of fingerprint identification technology at financial institutions, according to a press release.

"Banks, government services agencies and commercial entities in Latin America have embraced our biometrics solutions over the past decade because of their speed, accuracy, reliability and fraud-fighting capabilities," said Greg Sarrail, HID vice president of global sales for extended access technologies in biometrics. "Now we are helping to extend these benefits across Mexico's banking infrastructure as part of a major initiative to curb identity theft."

Latin American financial institutions and government agencies are using HID Global Lumidigm biometrics sensors with multispectral imaging technology to create a more convenient customer experience while increasing the security of ATM and other transactions, the release said.

The company said that:

  • In Brazil, more than 115,000 multispectral fingerprint sensors have been deployed, covering more than 80 percent of the nation's ATMs, which are used by more than 85 million banking customers.
  • In Chile and Argentina, FIs have embraced HID technology to secure pension payments for more than 1 million senior citizens.
  • In Mexico, HID multispectral fingerprint devices have helped eliminate fraud in the national vaccination program and other healthcare initiatives helping underprivileged citizens.

HID's patented multispectral fingerprint imaging technology captures unique characteristics from both the surface and subsurface of the skin, providing the most reliable fingerprint capture technology available, according to the release.

Lumidigm biometrics solutions also feature field-updatable "liveness detection" capabilities that help eliminate fraud by preventing the use of fake fingerprints or "spoof" attacks.

The devices use a top-ranked NIST certified MINEX III minutia algorithm for proven interoperability with industry-standard fingerprint template databases, the release said.

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