EAST publishes 3rd ATM crime report for 2017

The European Association for Secure Transactions has published its third European Fraud Update for 2017, based on country crime updates provided by representatives of 15 countries in the Single Euro Payments Area, and five non-SEPA countries.

Payment fraud was reported by 11 countries. One country reported that a fake P2P website was used to steal funds, which were then transferred to genuine cards for cash withdrawal. Card-not-present fraud is producing a significant increase in fake websites, such as ticketing sites.

Data acquired through social engineering is used immediately by criminals to transfer funds to money mule accounts. The EAST Payments Task Force is looking at security issues affecting payments with a view to gathering, collating and disseminating information on trends and general statistics.

ATM malware and logical security attacks were reported by seven countries. In 2017, EAST has published 14 related fraud alerts.

Two countries reported ATM malware and all seven reported the use of black box devices for the unauthorized dispensing of cash.

Card skimming at ATMs was reported by 13 countries. The use of card reader internal skimming devices is most prevalent. Four countries reported such attacks; this year EAST has published 10 related fraud alerts.

Year to date, 10 SEPA countries and 53 non-SEPA countries have reported  international skimming-related losses. The top three locations for reported losses were the U.S., Indonesia and India.

Eight countries reported skimming attacks on other terminal types; four countries reported attacks on unattended payment terminals at filling stations.

Transaction reversal fraud was reported by six countries. One country reported a continuing increase and two countries reported a new modus operandi for attacks.

Ten countries reported ram raids and ATM burglaries; eight reported explosive gas attacks. EAST has published 11 ATM physical attack alerts this year. The use of solid explosives continues to spread, with six countries reporting such attacks.

The full Fraud Update is available to EAST national and associate members at www.association-secure-transactions.eu/

Topics: Security, Trends / Statistics

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