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BECU licenses Inetco big data solution for on-demand member analytics

The self-service analytics solution will allow the credit union to see who is using which ATMs, what transactions they perform, and the quality of service received.

BECU licenses Inetco big data solution for on-demand member analytics

Inetco Systems Ltd., a provider of transaction monitoring and customer analytics software, today announced that BECU has licensed the Inetco Analytics for ATM solutions package. The credit union will use the software to acquire ATM transaction data across the network and gain on-demand visibility into member analytics, a press release said.

The largest credit union in Washington and the fourth largest in the United States, BECU has invested in tools that facilitate member self-service via automated channels for the majority of banking transactions, thereby freeing staff to focus on more complex transactions.

Inetco Analytics is a tailored offering for the banking vertical that simplifies the way transaction big data is collected, stored and visualized across multichannel banking environments. Transaction data is collected then warehoused within an Apache Hadoop data store, and extracted leveraging user-friendly Tableau-based dashboards.

Rather than spending days mining data from sprawling, multivendor network infrastructures, channel managers and data analysts can use Inetco Analytics to see who is using which ATMs, what kind of interactions they perform, and the quality of service they experience, all within a few clicks. 

"Understanding the member experience is of paramount importance to BECU," said Shirley Taylor, ATM channel manager at BECU. "Inetco Analytics effectively shrinks our member transaction data-gathering and analysis time from weeks down to minutes, which allows us to make decisions based on timely and comprehensive cardholder analytics." She said that Inetco Analytics provides "a lens" into BECU and the member experience.

"Banks and credit unions have struggled to harness the power of their transactional data to better understand customers, but traditional business intelligence tools have not been up to the task," said Bijan Sanii, president and CEO of Inetco. "Inetco's vertically focused analytics solutions make it easy to access all consumer transaction data, be it from point of sale, ATM, mobile, online or branch, in one centralized view. This offers customers such as BECU an easier and faster way to know what the customer is experiencing, and make more effective, data-driven decisions."

According to Celent Senior Analyst Bob Meara, growing numbers of financial institutions are realizing "significant results" from vertically focused analytics solutions designed to address specific use cases. "Inetco Analytics is one such example," he said.

Take the two-minute tour of Inetco Analytics:


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