A rat with expensive tastes

The consumption habits of the the average mall rat (Transactimus Maximus) are no match for those of India's Rattus Rattus.

As widely reported this week, a rat attack on an ATM owned by the State Bank of India resulted in the destruction of banknotes valued at 1.2 million rupees (approximately $17,600). 

When employees opened the ATM at an SBI branch in the northeastern state of Assam for servicing, they discovered that the currency had been reduced to confetti-size shreds within the space of a few days while the ATM was out of order.

According to a report by Reuters, the note-gnawing rodent was found dead amid the detritus. An additional $25,000 in 500 and 2,000 rupee notes was found intact.

Fake news alert: Rumors that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is considering a pilot test for demonitization via rat pack are unconfirmed.

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