8 ATM bombing suspects die in shootout with South African cops

Dec. 15, 2016

Members of an alleged gang of ATM bombers in South Africa were killed last week after engaging police in a shootout, according to a report by e-News Channel Africa.

The incident began when authorities received information that the suspects — also wanted in connection to armed robberies and a police murder — intended to bomb ATMs in the town of Howick, which lies approximately 60 miles west of the city of Durban on South Africa's eastern coast.

Police tracked the suspects and attempted to stop them as they drove toward Howick. The suspects opened fire on officers who fired back, killing eight suspects and wounding a ninth.

At the scene, police recovered assault rifles, 9mm pistols, a pair of hijacked vehicles and a bag of commercial explosives that had been primed for use, a spokesman told eNCA.

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