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My transaction was rejected — and it was a deposit!

"Check rejected for technical reasons," the screen said. What? I had endorsed it correctly and it all looked good, but rejected? Not even accepted and flagged as "pending!"

How much cash do I have on me?

The paradox is that the more we shift to digital forms of payments — from debit and credit cards to P2P payments — the more we feel at ease with cash. Cash helps us control our budgets and simplify our transactions. If we have the cash, we make the purchase. And in our highly complex lives, it is this simplicity that resonates with us all.

Madness in the midday sun: Time-to-cash is all that matters

It takes so many extra steps now to get cash from an ATM. The interrogation lasts for several screens as we are prompted for this and that. But at the height of summer in the American Southwest, spending extra time under the blazing sun isn't fostering good customer relations at the ATM.

The traditional branch: Not everyone's 'piece of cake'

Here's the message for banks: If you truly want to market new products and continue to effectively pursue cross-selling and upselling opportunities, put distance between what has served you in the past and move more quickly to tap the changing patterns of society.

The new branch: Everyone's 'cup of tea'?

Could unusual innovations such as the 'branch cafe' provide the answer to that perplexing question of how banks should evolve in order to attract and serve customers in our changing culture?

What does the future hold for ATMs? An ATMIA conference perspective

The ATMIA US conference was an opportunity to see both traditional and futuristic ATMs, to hear about NextGen ATM networks, and to learn about the plans of many FIs.

There's comfort in cash

I cannot count the number of times I have been pressed to hand over a couple of banknotes in an emergency. And it is this sense of comfort, security and control that makes perhaps the strongest statement about the relevance of cash in the long term.

Lost in translation? The changing language of transactions

Payments solutions, networks and end points will have to continue to support a duopoly of plastic and cash, even as our understanding of what a payments end point looks like continues to change.

'Who's gonna miss a donut?': Is it fair game to try to beat the (automated) system?

If, as one criminologist suspects, one-third of us are willing to fudge a little at the grocer's self-service checkout, maybe somebody needs to rethink a few of our processes.

Mobile: Not a unique channel, but an integral part of every delivery channel

Today, few financial transactions cannot be completed in full or in part on a smartphone or tablet; they've become such an integral endpoint that all channels exploit their capabilities.

In the mood to steal? You might be out of luck!

Could the role of the humble ATM evolve to the point that it is able to talks good guys and bad guys, too, out of taking cash?

Life without limits? Say it isn't so!

We all recognize the principle — or at least understand it, even if we don't believe it applies to us — that if it seems too good to be true, it very likely is.

The terrible toll of going cashless

On a recent road trip, ATM Marketplace blogger Richard Buckle recently discovered that not carrying cash can get very, very expensive.

Burgers for cash ... or burgers and cash?

I can see a transformation under way in which multiple devices morph into one entity and cash is dispensed along with burgers and all the trimmings. You'll be able to get cold cash and hot fries!

With ATMs, should we begin to 'color outside the lines'?

Walking through a mall this week, I caught sight of an ATM and immediately identified the financial institution by its color scheme — a predominantly blue color scheme that I recognized as being owned by Chase. Another, with lots of...

Smartphones may rule the empire but it's slow going through the kingdom of cash!

The only thing that develops traction is the thing that clearly offers an improvement over what we already have, and mobile wallets just don't have enough going for them right now.

The changing shape of my wallet …

Could I be comfortable having no wallet? Having no cash? Having to depend that every place I visit and every transaction I initiate will have the supporting technology up and running and secure?

No more cash, cards or keys? Shut the front door!

For much of the world's population, cash still dominates, so having a real wallet seems most appropriate — even if access to cash withdrawal is via a mobile phone.

'Unemployed ATMs' anxious about their future?

Can we teach old ATMs new tricks? Or are the demographics simply working against ATMs as younger generations rely more on the smartphones and tablets?

In it for the long haul

In the long run, it's going to be a question of how creative we can be when thinking of what needs to be dispensed to authorized ATM users.

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