The ATM Industry Association, founded in 1997, is a global non-profit trade association with just under 5,000 members in 65 countries. The membership base covers the full range of this worldwide industry comprising over 2.2 million installed ATMs.
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'Lock it up!': Best practices guide tackles ATM cabinet security

The ATM Industry Association has published a new guide documenting best practices for securing ATM cabinets and managing physical keys for cabinets. "In the cyber age, access to data and electronics within the ATM is just as much an attraction...

Latest ATM industry briefing addresses cybercrime threat

The ATM Industry Association has published a new briefing paper on cybercrime in the ATM industry, according to a press release from the trade group. "ATM Cyber Security Briefing Paper," describes existing types of cyberattack and security best practices to...

'What you gonna do in those shoes?'

Look for Betsy Bohlen next week at the ATMIA US in Florida. But don't look for her to be wearing 'cruel shoes.'

7 must-see sessions at the ATM industry's biggest annual conference

With so much to see and only so much time, there are tough choices to be made about what to take in at this year's ATMIA U.S. conference. But while you're penciling-in your calendar, here are a few items to consider adding in ink.

ATM industry groups caution against unintended consequences of complicated regs

Increasingly, it seems, local governments are joining Congress and state legislatures in the rush to regulate retail ATMs. Industry trade groups are imploring them to slow down and think hard about the unintended consequences of their well-meaning proposals. Last month...

It's a small world: How the ATM industry brought 3 friends together

Connections to the ATM industry — and a bit of serendipity — brought three women full circle from a tiny Catholic high school in New Orleans.

ATM fraud in the age of EMV

While credit unions, banks and other ATM owners and operators continue to migrate their machines to EMV technology, the question remains: Will EMV ultimately solve the serious problem of fraud?

Fewer industry stakeholders seeing rise in ATM crime, study finds

The ATM Industry Association has released the results of its 2016 annual fraud survey results. In a key finding, the study charted a year-over-year decline (from 51 percent to 42 percent) in the number of participants who said ATM crime was increasing. "This good news," ATMIA CEO Mike Lee said in a press release.

ATMIA, US Payments Forum team to offer EMV session at Orlando conference

The U.S. Payments Forum is partnering with the ATM Industry Association to present its third ATM EMV implementation workshop Feb.

ATM Marketplace: November's top 5 reads

November served up heaping helpings of innovation (branch transformation, cardless ATM access, brainstorming the self-service devices of the future) and contemplation (the ATM turns 50! And how does Cardtronics keep racking up those big quarterly earnings?) Here's what you might have missed.

Discounted rates for ATMIA US conference to run through Jan. 12

Early-bird registration continues through Jan. 12 for the ATM Industry Association 2017 U.S.

Supreme Court dismisses Visa, MasterCard case against ATM independents

Before oral arguments had even begun, the United States Supreme Court last week dismissed a case brought by Visa and MasterCard raising the question whether members of a business association can stand in violation of antitrust law by agreeing to...

ATM lifecycle support management addressed in new guide

ATM Industry Association has announced the publication of a new guide, "Trends and Practices in ATM Lifecycle Support Management." The report is based on research conducted by the Retail Banking Consulting Group on behalf of ATMIA. "This manual looks closely...

The Scottish invention that dispenses cash: Honor its history, marvel at its future

ATMIA Europe Executive Director Ron Delnevo looks to a future where the ATM serves as a "community financial services hub," a one-stop shop for everything to do with financial services, at the heart of a revitalized local community.

2017: A big year for the ATM industry

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the ATM and the 20th anniversary of the ATM Industry Association, both in 2017, there is plenty to celebrate and commemorate.

ATMIA report details EMV efforts on ATM industry's behalf

The ATM Industry Association is releasing a new report recapping its activities, progress and future planning on matters related to the ongoing EMV migration for U.S. ATMs. The association stated ATMIA began mobilization efforts within months of the initial announcement from Visa about its planned liability shift, with the formation of a U.S.

Supreme Court to consider ATMIA brief in antitrust case

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to consider an amicus brief filed by antitrust attorneys representing the ATM Industry Association.The filing is related to Visa v.

New guide offers information, advice on biometrics for ATMs

The ATM Industry Association has published a new industry guide, "ATM Biometric Security." "ATM biometrics is trending in a time when biometric identification is used almost on a daily basis in society," Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA, said in a...

ATMIA seeks participants for global ATM security survey

The ATM Industry Association is once again conducting its annual ATMIA Global Security and Fraud survey. In a press release, the organization encouraged all ATM deployers to take a few moments to complete the survey before Nov.

ATMIA publishes updated guide to ATM physical security

The ATM Industry Association has published the third edition of its guide, "Best Practices for ATM Physical Security," to include updates on methods for counteracting current global threats. "This new version is required reading for those serious about protecting the...

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