5 Ways Mobile Technology will Revolutionize ATMs

Five ways mobile technology will change ATM transactions and capabilities.

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Sponsor: ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit

InRouter611 Wireless ATM Modem User Manual

Download InRouter611 user manual for detailed configuration. 

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How ISOs and merchants can benefit from serving the unbanked with surcharge-free ATMs

Low-cost access to cash can draw, retain members of a growing demographic.

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Sponsor: Elan Financial Services

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USPS pushes 'collaboration' with FIs

A Pew study showed that most consumers are indifferent to the idea, but 64 percent of those in the target market (i.e., the un- and underbanked) favor it.

Low-income households pump money into retailer wallets

A new research paper by three economists predicts that the little guy will shell out more money as FIs seek relief from the revenue-slashing effects of the interchange cap.

PayToo bridges mobile and ATM worlds with cardless cash access for the unbanked

The company's mobile wallet, which combines telecom and payment services, is crossing over to the ATM market to provide card-free cash access at PayToo-enabled Genmega ATMs.

The ATM isn't dying, it's being transformed

'Kicked the bucket? Shuffled off the mortal coil? Joined the choir invisible?' Not the essential, adaptable ATM. 

Debate: Is cash an impediment to the world economy?

“There needs to be a move beyond cash in order for the vast majority of the people in the world to become full working participants in, and beneficiaries of, the economic system,” said Leland Englebardt, group head, global network products...

Are we exploiting the unbanked once they enter the system?

An ex-employee sued McDonald's claiming that its policy of paying unbanked employees' wages via prepaid  meant that her income was eaten up by card fees. A panel of payments experts tackles this difficult issue at the ATM & Mobile Executive Summit in Washington, D.C.

Amex Bluebird evolves into a 'virtual bank'

Now offering FDIC insurance and paper checks, the prepaid is looking like an online bank with ATM branches.

The underbanked: embracing the prepaid phenomenon

As the underbanked increasingly choose prepaids for their money management needs, new opportunities arise for the ATM industry.

India's ATM industry is banking on the unbanked

The up-and-coming nation has ambitious plans for improving its current ATM-to-citizen ratio of 1:13,333.

Emerging economies embrace banking innovations

ATMs, mobiles and kiosks play nicely together, enabling financial inclusion in developing countries.

CFPB announces proposed rulemaking for prepaid reloadable cards

Watchdog bureau will seek public comment on consumer safeguards.

ATMs and the unbanked: an emerging convergence

Un- and underbanked Americans pay $45 billion a year in fees; the ATM industry is figuring out how to claim its share.

Approval for the Approved Card

Suze Orman today announced her new Approved Card, because in her words (and inflection), "You. Can.

Commentary: Self-serve, mobile payment options provide convenience for customers

Through automation, service providers reduce operational risks, and improve reconciliation and auditing.

Welcome Green Dot Bank

On Freedom Boulevard in Provo, Utah, nestled between the mountains of Uinta National Forest and Lake Utah is a nice little one-branch bank, pictured above. It looks innocent enough.

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Information and findings on the Underbanked / Unbanked populations, and other related materials on ATM Marketplace.