Repair, Refurb, Trade or Replace Aging ATMs?

The critical points in deciding how to proceed with the older ATMs in your fleet.

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PCI DSS Compliance is Complex but Achievable

Complying with the latest version of PCI DSS may seem like a daunting task. In this new infographic TNS provides a valuable insight into its compliance procedures and the strategy it deploys to tackle this complex and evolving standard. Download your copy now.

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An ATM Down Equals Money Lost

Innovative logistics and inventory management approaches can save deployers time and money.

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7 earth-friendly facts about ATMs

As Earth Day organizers have worked to raise awareness of the impact of industrial activity on the planet, ATM-makers and deployers have worked to reduce their imprint on the environment.

Getting off the ATM maintenance merry-go-round

ATM downtime represents time lost, opportunity lost and consumer confidence lost — much of which might have been avoided. Self-service management is one way to stop the endless rounds of tech visits and take home the brass ring of lower costs.

ATM/Chip and PIN Maintenance: Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure

Picture this: customers in your busy store, hungry to spend, the tills ringing with the sound of profits. Sounds perfect! Your cashiers are going through till rolls at a tremendous rate and are requesting additional supplies of change, but it’s not only cash to be mindful of.

Moving the immovable: 3 ways to migrate merchant ATMs to EMV

As a group, small merchants have been frustratingly obstinate about upgrading their ATMs for chip card transactions. But there are several ways to get them moving in the right direction.

The ATM Marketplace August Top 5

For the ATM industry, the only thing hotter than the weather in August was news about the finalized business combination between Wincor Nixdorf and Diebold — and its subsequent complications.

Cheap ATM parts, expensive ATM headaches

Can you really afford the hidden costs of cheap parts?

The whys and hows of proactive ATM maintenance

Reactive maintenance — too often the default — deals with problems only after they occur. Proactive ATM maintenance, on the other hand, focuses on identifying and solving problems before they materialize.

How to recognize an ATM paper shell game

As a buyer, you have the right to the exact type and quality of ATM paper you were promised. But how do you know when you’re being scammed?

5 ways for ATM operators to maximize EMV site visits

Not only can these five tips help defray the cost of an ATM site visit, but they can also make the machine itself more profitable over the longer term, offsetting even more of the expense of EMV migration.

5 questions to ask your ATM paper supplier

When sourcing thermal paper for ATMs and branch transaction forms, ask prospective suppliers these questions to make sure you're getting the best deal — not just the lowest price.

Going once … Going twice ... Reverse auctions for ATM paper

There can be some advantages to the practice of reverse auction buying, but there can be some hidden drawbacks, as well.

Why the paper ATM receipt isn't going extinct

In the rush to go digital, FIs must not alienate the important segment of their customer base that still values paper ATM receipts.

ATM stories that caught readers' attention in November

Apple Pay, cybercrime and self-service innovation were top-of-mind in the ATM industry over the last month. But reader interest wandered over to low-tech topics, as well.

ATM receipt paper — worth a closer look?

They might be seen as a commodity today, but ATM thermal papers are not all the same. And neither are their suppliers.

A small operator's guide to basic ATM care

Basic machine care isn't all that complicated. Here are five steps you can take to help ensure that your machine is always available (and inviting) to customers.

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Keeping an ATM up and running requires service and parts. In the ATM Service and Parts Research Center you'll learn about the many options for repairing and maintaining your ATMs.