IC/Magstripe Card Dispesner - SCT3Q8-3A6230

Nidec IC/Magstripe Card Dispesner - SCT3Q8-3A6230

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2016 ATM and Self-Service Software Trends

ATMs will play an increasingly critical role in retail banking for the foreseeable future, as the result of the growing preference among consumers for self-service solutions. ATM Marketplace has compiled a map of the future covering the critical concerns of financial institutions.

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2017 ATM Future Trends

Now in its fifth edition, this bi-annual report looks at the competitive, economic and technologic forces shaping the ATM industry.

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Sponsor: Auriga

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BAI optimistic about RD, despite economy

Historically known as being the premier ATM event of the year, this year's RD expo in Boston is likely to have fewer exhibitors but more interaction.

ATM ISOs work through PCI maze

ISOs argue the rules are cloudy and complex.

ATM ISOs and an FI ATM boon

Nautilus Hyosung expects to put greater emphasis on financial products.

Brazilian banks look to Linux for ATMs

Microsoft might not be the only ATM-software player after all.

Diebold banks on ATM service

Diebold looks to turnkey ATM solutions.

Wincor Nixdorf uses ATM muscle

The Europe-based ATM giant plans to make its presence known in U.S.

NCR looks to ATMs, mobility

NCR has a lot of goals for 2008 and beyond.

Growth by ATM numbers

PAI buys ATM Express and takes spot as a top U.S. ATM operator.

Another 100 years of cash?

The story of cash has an unexpected twist.

Another 100 years of cash?

The story of cash has an unexpected twist.

NCR serves up new ATM systems

NCR's first new ATM line in 10 years is expected to replace Personas.

XFS: Hype versus reality

With changing software, ATM deployers have to look before they leap.    

ATM security in Asia moves to veins

Vein-pattern recognition finds success at ATMs in Japan.

TNS CEO overcomes odds

Despit a terminal illness, the CEO devotes more energy to his job. 

Advanced functions and the future

Leaders and vendors talk shop at ATMIA Conference 2008.

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Banking executive summaires on ATM Marketplace.