NCR APTRA Vision, is the next-generation, multi-vendor, self-service channel management platform. Financial institutions and self-service providers must have a complete, real-time, end-to-end view of their consumer-facing channel in order to achieve significant advances in availability, consumer experience, and business performance.

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NCR Pulse Banking

Know what’s happening on your network before your consumers do. The ability to keep a self-service network available and running efficiently is now more important than ever. That’s where Pulse Banking can help.

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How an ATM transaction really works...

The ATM basics: input and output devices explained

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Getting peak performance from your ATM network: How hard can it be?

In a webinar this week, we looked at the results from a survey of 325 industry members who told us their priorities in balancing ATM network availability and cost optimization. Catch the replay to find out how your network stacks up against the findings.

Best steps for balancing ATM availability and expense

It's not always easy to balance ATM cost efficiency with escalating customer expectations, but it can be done. And a free, one-hour webinar on Sept. 26 will offer tips and insights that can help you provide world-class ATM service without breaking the bank.

3 tenets of ATM availability in the connected economy

In today's connected economy, consumers are in the driver's seat. Whether it's banking, shopping, eating or traveling, they want to interact across channels on their own terms. And they don't like roadblocks.

Why 24/7 self-service availability is vital in the mobile era

The groundbreaking models of Amazon and iTunes have ushered in a new era of consumer demand for services that are delivered quickly, easily and 24/7. Financial institutions need to be ready to meet this level of expectation in the self-service channel.

How to become a surcharge heavyweight

ATM deployers can use big data to increase surcharge revenue by more than $1,000 per ATM, per year. Here's how …

Getting past square one: How to apply DevOps to ATM testing

In ATM testing, the discovery of QA issues can mean going back to square one on an implementation project. Usually, this results in delayed deployment and significant unplanned cost. There is a solution to this problem, though. It's called DevOps.

Selling your ATM portfolio? Here's what buyers are looking for

While they have the acumen and attitude to start and run a business, what most business owners lack is an exit strategy. Here are answers to the questions IADs ask most frequently about the valuation and sale of their ATM business.

3 surefire ways to protect your ATM network

Compromised ATMs are costly in terms of monetary loss and reputational damage. ATM network operators must protect themselves and their customers with a multilayered security approach that takes into account all types of attack.

Staying the same can mean getting passed by

Implementing new technology can be difficult and costly. However, refusing to make changes can cripple your business as the competition adopts the latest innovations — potentially affecting your locations and ATM users.

7 earth-friendly facts about ATMs

As Earth Day organizers have worked to raise awareness of the impact of industrial activity on the planet, ATM-makers and deployers have worked to reduce their imprint on the environment.

Getting off the ATM maintenance merry-go-round

ATM downtime represents time lost, opportunity lost and consumer confidence lost — much of which might have been avoided. Self-service management is one way to stop the endless rounds of tech visits and take home the brass ring of lower costs.

Two guys, an RV and a lot of ATMs

Brothers Mike and Evan Almeida took their event ATM show on the road 12 years ago and haven't looked back yet.

ATM managed services: The cure for a crowded plate?

It can take a whole lot of time, money and effort to run an advanced ATM network. And this can hinder a financial institution from doing more of what matters most: taking care of customers.

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NCR's Channel Management solutions provide self-service device management, cash management and end-to-end transaction monitoring enabling your IT and channel operations teams to access enterprise-wide performance awareness and to take a holistic approach in managing your multi-channel banking environments.